Kid-Friendly Netbook with BIOS-level Security: Samsung Go + Phoenix FailSafe


Here’s a story that slipped between the cracks but is interesting nonetheless: The seemingly child-friendly Samsung Go netbook (a.k.a. the N310) is packing enterprise-level security. Underneath its colorful rubberized shell and anti-bacterial keyboard there lies BIOS-level encryption and IP tracking via Phoenix FailSafe from Phoenix Technologies. FailSafe is a unique theft deterrence product and service […]

Laptop Mag Reviews the Samsung N310 Netbook


Joanna Stern’s review of the Samsung N310 Netbook confirms some of my thinking about Samsung’s designs for the Netbook class. I haven’t handled that many different Netbooks, but have handled a few and I’ve been very impressed with the build quality of what Samsung brings to the Netbook table. The battery life is also impressive.

Samsung NC310 Netbook Details Begin to Emerge


Samsung is slowly rolling out details on its new NC310 Netbook. It looks stylish and speculation it has a ‘higher than your average Netbook’ price to match, although we have no specifics on that as of yet, although speculation is around $577 US. It will land first in the UK in May. There will be […]