5 iPad Alternatives For iPad Haters


Apple’s new iPad is finally official in all its detailed glory. The upgrades weren’t many, but that Retina Display sure is gorgeous. While it seems like everyone can’t wait to give Apple their money for this new tablet, I know there are some of you out there thinking: Pfft, the new iPad ain’t all that. […]

Samsung Series 7 Slate Review: First Impressions

Samsung Series 7 Slate

These days whenever someone mentions the word “Tablet” visions of the iPad or something similar dance in their heads. Not that long ago a tablet was something quite different: a Windows-based slate computer. Since the rise of the new idea of the tablet there have been a few Tablet PCs trying for relevance in an […]

Windows 8 Tablet Hands On

Windows 8 Tablet Developer Preview - YouTube

Joanna Stern of This Is My Next… got to go hands on with a Windows 8 Tablet running the Windows 8 Developer Preview. The device is a Samsung Series 7 Slate and she gives a pretty good deeper-than-a-first-impression of the still in process OS and the hardware. As you would expect at this juncture there […]

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Brings Windows 7 and Wacom to the Table

Samsung Series 7 Slate

It might come as a┬ásurprise, but Samsung hasn’t given up on Windows 7 tablets. In fact, the company has just showed off the Samsung Series 7 Slate with Windows 7, Wacom digitizer and a dual core processor. While you may be focused on Windows 8, and how it could mark the rebirth of Windows tablets, […]