Samsung Replaced My Apple TV and It’s Awesome

Samsung delivers access to many sources of entertainment right on the HDTV.

The Apple TV is now cheaper than ever and it delivers access to a growing list of “channels” and apps but I haven’t touched the aging device since I got a new Samsung Smart TV. Almost any new Samsung TV includes built-in WiFi and a smooth and fast way to use apps, play YouTube videos […]

Is Your Samsung Smart TV Spying on You?

The real information about Samsung Smart TV spying allegations.

If you own a Samsung TV, you probably¬†stopped to look at it closer recently to try to figure out if it is spying on every word you say in the living room. In early February a privacy notice included terminology that made some users wonder if their Samsung Smart TV was¬†spying on them by listening […]

Michael Bay Transforms Into a Bumbling Idiot Without a Script at CES

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.04.42 PM

During Samsung‘s Press Conference at CES 2014 the company invited a few high profile names to take the stage, including the popular action filmmaker Michael Bay to talk about TVs, only it didn’t go as planned. Michael Bay was live on stage to talk about a new curved UHD TV, but after a few moments […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review: Using The Tablet With Your TV

Using the Galaxy Tab 2 With Your TV

According to research cited by Samsung, over 80% of tablet owners use the device while sitting in front of the TV. Because of this, Samsung included an IR blaster on the Galaxy Tab 2 along with the Peel Smart Remote app. The idea is to make the Tab 2 the center of your home media setup, thus making it the center of your world.