Verizon Expands 4G LTE Coverage in California, Including S.F. Bay

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Coverage Map

Verizon continues to grow their large 4G LTE network with the expansion of coverage in California today. Verizon announced enhanced and new 4G LTE coverage in California markets today, keeping ahead of rival AT&T. Verizon also announced coverage in Reno, Nevada. Verizon subscribers in these areas will now enjoy data connection speeds up to 10 […]

AT&T Delivers 4G LTE to San Francisco Techies


AT&T is blessing tech heads in San Francisco, which is home to Silicon Valley, with a fast 4G LTE network now with speeds being reported just below 20 Mbps on the download side. Upload speeds weren’t too shabby either with speeds hovering just below 10 Mbps. Unfortunately, however, in San Jose, California, which is 50 […]

SFPD Has No Record of A Lost iPhone 5, Marketing Stunt?

apple armored car

Earlier this week we shared that Apple had reportedly lost another unreleased iPhone in a San Francisco bar. The original report came from CNet, which claimed that Apple was working with the San Francisco Police department to recover the “priceless” prototype. We were suspicious of the report, given that Apple lost an iPhone 4 in […]

Win a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Hang w/ Android Geeks in San Francisco!


Samsung is throwing a party to celebrate the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in San Francisco and you’re invited. GottaBeMobile editors and the guys behind BetaNews, IntoMobile and PhoneArena will be co-hosting the event on June 3rd in downtown San Francisco. This is your chance to go hands on with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 […]

San Francisco Places Cell Phone Radiation Law on Hold

San Francisco

San Francisco’s controversial cell phone radiation law, one that would have required retailers to slap a label with radiation figures on cell phone boxes, has been put on indefinite hold as the city will likely pass a tamer law in its place. Last year, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom introduced the reform which required cell […]

Only in San Francisco/Silicon Valley


I’m very fortunate to live and work in San Francisco and make my way down to Silicon Valley once or twice a week. Geek friends and acquaintances from other locales often tell me that nobody else ‘gets’ why they’re so passionate about technology or what they do for work. That’s not really a problem here in […]