Dish Sling TV: Watch ESPN Without Cable

Use Sling TV to watch ESPn without cable for $20 a month.

The new Dish Sling TV is a $20 a month subscription service that lets you watch a collection of channels including ESPN online on your Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Mac, PC and other devices without a traditional cable subscription. You can also watch on iPhone, iPad or Android, but ESPN access may be […]

Will DirecTV Nomad Stream Satellite TV to Mobile?


Look what DirecTV put up on their site. A “coming soon” page for a new product called DirecTV Nomad, which I assume will stream video from my DirecTV box to my mobile devices through the Internet. In the picture we see what looks like a MacBook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone, although DirecTV might […]

Dish Network Wants to Create 4G LTE Network


Satellite TV provider Dish Network wants to build a mobile broadband 4G LTE network with its existing spectrum, which when it had acquired was earmarked for satellite services. Dish Network wants to better compete with phone and cable companies that are now offering high speed Internet, paid TV offerings, and phone into a package. The […]