How to Scan Documents with Your iPhone


The digital era is well upon us, and if you’re still only keeping physical copies of all your documents, then it’s probably time to start going digital. Here’s how to scan documents with your iPhone and save them to your computer as a digital backup. There are some things that you simply just need to […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Is Ready With Barcode Magic

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features Mobeam technology that lets it work with barcode readers at almost any retailer or venue.

Samsung made a big deal about using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a wallet and as a digital companion for tickets and coupons at the launch event. Samsung’s ace in the pocket is the ability for Galaxy S4 users to use their coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and more in places where retailers have not upgraded […]

Doxie One Mobile Scanner Makes Scanning Without a Computer Easy

doxie one mobile scanner

The Doxie One mobile battery-powered scanner makes scanning on the go so easy the user doesn’t even need a computer, thanks to the built-in SD card port. We’ve seen mobile scanning before, but two things set the Doxie One apart. First, it costs less than ones we’ve seen. It’s just $149.99 while competitors cost closer […]

Go Paperless with Webcam Notes in Evernote

Evernote Webcam note

If you are trying to go paperless, one of the biggest challenges will be┬ádigitizing┬áthe paper that people still send you all the time. I’ve found that the built in webcam in most notebooks is good enough to handle basic capture of letters and paper I receive. Evernote makes it easy to capture right to your […]