5 Best LG G3 Screen Protectors

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The new LG G3 has a beautiful and vivid 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display. It’s one of the bigger and better displays available on any smartphone to date, and you’ll want to protect it. Screens are one of the first things to get damaged on most users smartphones, so below are a few of […]

5 Best iPhone 5s Screen Protectors

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If you’re worried about scratching your iPhone’s display, then getting a screen protector is a great way to prevent that. Here are the five best screen protectors that you should consider if you’re thinking about getting one for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5. Screen protectors come in all different styles, but most of them […]

Best Galaxy S5 Screen Protectors

Galaxy S5 Review - 6

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was first released, the popular group DisplayMate said it had the best smartphone display ever. And you’ll want to protect all 5.1-inches of that beautiful 1920 x 1080p full HD AMOLED display. While there’s many reports that dispute that, there’s no arguing Samsung makes some of the better screens around. […]

How to Put a Screen Protector on Your iPhone

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If you’re worried about scratching your iPhone’s display, then getting a screen protector is a great way to prevent that. Here’s how to apply a screen protector to your iPhone. Screen protectors come in all different styles, but most of them are usually made out of a thin and flexible plastic sheet that stick onto […]

Moshi iVisor AG Anti-glare Screen Protector Clouds the Picture

moshi ivisor ag with lint free cloth

Moshi offers an easy-to-install screen protector for the new iPad Air called the iVisor AG Anti-glare Screen Protector, but it fails to reduce glare as much as expected and adds a hazy layer that blurs the beautiful Apple iPad Air Retina Display. The best screen protectors install easily and disappear, but the iVisor AG remains […]

Screen Protector Shootout – 3M Vikuiti

The Screen Protector Shootout ended but it had a glaring omission of one of the key competitors. Steve Seto graciously sent me a sample and I was able to give it a good go-round. It’s been a while coming, but it’s finally here. Enjoy the video followed by the written write-up after the jump.   […]

Screen Protector Shootout Results

The End of a Great Shootout After 10 reviews, the time has come to call a cease-fire to the shootout! I’m sure you’re all anxious to hear which screen protector came out on top, so I won’t keep you waiting much longer. Below is the list of screen protectors ranked from highest to lowest. Keep […]

Screen Protector Installation Tips

I’ve been asked quite a few times about the best way to install the screen protectors I’ve been reviewing. The videos show the installation process at 6X actual speed, so it’s very understandable that there is a lack of clarity on how to properly cover your tablet’s screen. I’ve written a brief how-to article of […]

Screen Protector Shootout – InvisibleShield

In the final (and long overdue) round of the Screen Protector Shootout, I take a look at Zagg’s InvisibleShield line of screen protectors. The video is below with the written review after the jump. Round 8: THE FINAL ROUND!!! Zagg InvisibleShield   Summary: Advertisement Pros: Very good screen protection. It’s at least twice as thick […]

Screen Protector Shootout – Strong Engineering

In the second to the last round of the Screen Protector Shootout series, I take a look at Strong Engineering’s screen protector. The video review is below, followed by the written review.   >> Round 7: Strong Engineering Summary: Pros: Advertisement · Great fitment on custom cut piece. Easy to install. · Excellent smudge resistance. […]

Screen Protector Shootout: Clarivue Clear

Truc Bui continues his fantastic Screen Protector Shootout Series, this time focusing on Clarivue Clear screen protectors. Video below, followed by the text review: >> Clarivue Clear – Truc Bui I must apologize to the GBM community for the delay in pushing this review out. Things have been quite crazy for me at work and […]

Screen Protector Shootout: Photodon Crystal View

In part 2 of his look at the Photodon screen protectors, Truc Bui continues his great review of screen protectors.   >> >   – Truc Bui Summary: Pros: Advertisement · Corner to corner coverage with silicone adhesive has a very tight fit. Good craftsmanship. · At $12 + $4.75 shipping for the T2010 that […]

Screen Protector Shootout: Photodon Anti-Glare

Truc Bui continues to pump out the good stuff on screen protection for the Tablet PC, this time focusing on the Photodon Anti-Glare. Watch the video below and read the text portion below that.   >> – Truc Bui Photodon Anti-Glare Summary: Advertisement Pros: · Corner to corner coverage with silicone adhesive similar to and […]

Screen Protector Shootout: BoxWave Crystal Screen Protector

Truc Bui continues his fantastic Screen Protector Shootout series, turning his focus to BoxWave’s Crystal.   >>   – Truc Bui   Summary: Pros: Only screen protector so far that maintains the brilliance of the Fujitsu screen. Excellent coverage. Corner to corner coverage is on par with NuShield. The entirety of the protector adheres to […]

Screen Protector Shootout: BoxWave Anti-Glare Screen Protector

In part 4 of our Screen Protector Shootout series, Truc Bui takes a look at BoxWave. Video review below, text review below that >>   – Truc Bui BoxWave Anti-Glare Screen Protector Advertisement Summary: Pros: The best writing feel so far. The fluidity imparted is something that needs to be experienced. Scratch resistance is great, […]

Screen Protector Shootout: NuShield

Truc Bui continues his GBM User Ink Review Series “Screen Protector Shootout”, this time focusing on NuShield. The video portion of the review is below, followed by the text review. Next up will be BoxWave! Be sure to read the entire series in the “Screen Protector Shootout.”   >> > – Truc Bui NuShield, Inc. […]

Screen Protector Shootout: WriteShield

Truc Bui continues his GBM User Ink Review Screen Protector Shootout series, this time focusing on WriteShield. Watch the video review below, and read the text review below that. >> – Truc Bui  Pocket PC Techs WriteShield Summary: Pros: Excellent inking experience. Great screen clarity and outdoor viewability. Comes with a lot of extra accessories. […]

Screen Protector Shootout: ProtecT

One of the first things new Tablet PC users ask about are screen protectors – which protect the screen the best, which ones are good for handwriting, which ones help with glare, etc. GBM forum member Tonkabui was asking the same things, and took it upon himself to contact a slew of screen protector manufacturers […]