Latest Microsoft Ad Knocks Macs for Not Having Touch

After a brief lull it looks like Microsoft is back at the comparison advertising game, this time taking on Apple. Microsoft’s latest ad takes on Apple and the Mac for not having a touch screen and the iPad for being too small. Called Honestly: Wedding Planner, the ad is pushing all-in-one computers with the HP […]

Microsoft Continues Scroogled Ad Pounding Against the Chromebook


Microsoft must really, really, really be concerned about Google’s Chromebook to invest as many dollars as it is advertising against it. We’ve seen the Scroogled campaign that has enlisted the Pawn Stars and others to put down Chromebooks. Now comes a “man on the street” campaign from the streets of Venice, California. I always love […]

Holiday Family Tech Survey Yields Questions


Every holiday family gathering presents an opportunity for me to gain a little anecdotal knowledge about how real folks are using mobile tech, what their preferences may be, and what their nagging questions are. This past Thanksgiving holiday was different only in the fact that I’m now living in Chicago and surrounded by my wife’s […]

Amazon Joins the Tablet Ad Wars Against the iPad


Apple must be feeling pretty good about its new iPad Air. The reason? Everyone is taking pot shots at it in advertising this year. Microsoft has been running comparison ads featuring its Surface 2 Tablet up against the iPad Air and the Samsung Tablets for quite some time. Now Amazon has joined the Tablet ad […]

Microsoft Enlists Pawn Stars for Latest Scroogled Ad


Microsoft must think it has a good thing going with its Scroogled campaign, because the hits just keep coming. I’m not talking hits in the since of a “hit show.” I’m talking hits in the context of all out smack you across the mouth. The latest ad features the guys from the popular cable show […]

Google Responds to Microsoft’s Latest Scroogled Smear


Sometimes a few well chosen words can be worth more than pictures. We recently snickered while we reported on the latest in Microsoft’s “Scroogled” campaign against Google. Microsoft unveiled a line of clothing and coffee mugs featuring the Chrome logo floating above the slogan “Keep calm while we steal your data.” Witty, yes, but many […]

Microsoft Selling Scroogled Merchandise That Smacks at Google


Remember Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign? You know the one where Microsoft takes a few punches at Google for stealing your data with its products. Tough to forget because at the moment, Microsoft doesn’t want us to. Well, if you’re Christmas shopping for your favorite Edward Snowden fan you might want to take a look at the […]

Microsoft’s Scroogled Ads Go After Google Chrome


A new advertisement from Microsoft leaked this morning. It skips most of the long winded explanations that we’ve seen in Microsoft’s Scroogled videos and goes directly for Google Chrome, complete with a comically bouncing Chrome logo and classical music. That video, which leaked to the web this morning, declares that with the Google Chrome web […]

New Scroogled ad from Microsoft Targets Android, Android Developers


In the latest two editions of the ‘Scroogled’ ad campaign – a concerted effort by the company to make users aware of what it sees as privacy violations committed by Google – Microsoft forgoes its attack on Google’s search engine and focuses on Android instead. The first of the new ads, which debuted this week, outright accuses Google […]