Verizon’s Secret $70 iPhone & Android Plan Revealed

The iPhone 5 sports a smaller 4-inch display.

Verizon switched over to Shared Everything plans last summer, which lists the cheapest Verizon plan for new users at $80 with barely any data, but there is an unadvertised smartphone plan for individuals who need more data than minutes. The Verizon 450 Talk plan is a semi-secret iPhone and Android plan on Verizon that new customers can […]

Top Hidden Jailbreak Gems in Cydia [iPhone]

Cydia hidden gems

So you’ve jailbroken your  iPhone, iPad (or iPad 2), or iPod touch. Maybe you’ve even had it jailbroken for months now. Maybe you’re ready for something new? Here are some of the best jailbreak tweaks that may have flown under your radar: MultiIcon Mover (free) While this tweak isn’t exactly a secret, it isn’t mentioned […]