BlackBerry Deemed Not Secure Enough for British Government


The British government dealt a major blow to struggling smartphone-maker BlackBerry by saying that its newest BlackBerry 10 operating system is not secure enough. BlackBerry has spent a considerable amount of time in developing BlackBerry 10 in the hopes of appealing to enterprise and government customers with the aid of the BlackBerry Balance feature that […]

iOS 6.1.3 Update Arrives with iPhone Lock Screen Fix

The iOS 6.1.3 update is now available for download.

iOS 6.1.3 is now available for the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 and other iOS 6 devices with an important security fix that prevents malicious users from bypassing the iPhone lock screen. The iOS 6.1.3 update is now available as a small over the air download on devices running iOS 6. The update clocks in at […]

Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 Lock Screen Hack Secured with Lookout

Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy Note 2 Temp Security Fix lockscreen

Lookout Mobile provides a free fix for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 security issues that let others bypass the lock screen on popular Samsung devices even with a pass code lock turned on. Last week we saw a Samsung Galaxy S3 vulnerability that let a malicious user gain full access to the smartphone, bypassing the lock screen. This vulnerability […]

As Apple Patches iPhone Security Flaws, Consumers May Be Biggest Losers


When Apple introduced the iOS 6.1 operating system for the iPhone and iPad, it may be one of the biggest enterprise blunders released in recent history from the Cupertino, California company. While iOS 6.1 corrected some bugs, like wireless connectivity, it also introduced a fresh set of bugs that would have IT managers ripping their […]

Dell Adds Enhanced Security Features to New Latitude 10 Tablet

Smart card reader authentication at top of tablet

Focusing on growing its presence in the enterprise space, Dell is adding new hardware and software security features to a newly released Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security edition of the Windows 8 tablet. The device offers dual hardware security log-in features and some software security enhancements as well over the regular consumer-edition of the Latitude […]

iPhone 5S: Apple’s Newest Patents Tell Us ‘S’ is for Security

Face Detection Apple Patent

The iPhone 5S release could arrive as soon as June or July with a design similar to the iPhone 5. The next generation iPhone will likely come with the 5S name and a number of small but noticeable upgrades. Apple chose to focus on a specific feature of the iPhone when releasing earlier iPhone ‘S’ versions. The 3GS emphasized speed […]

Next iPhone Could Be Unlocked With Picture ID


Apple has filed for a patent that could bring a new method to secure and unlock the next iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac computer by using and matching pictures with names. For example, the iPhone could choose a random picture–perhaps via your contacts in your address book or the tagged images in iPhoto through […]

Apple Patents Hidden Fingerprint Reader Ahead of iPhone 5S


We had previously reported that the ‘S’ in the name of the Apple iPhone 5S could stand for security as it had been used to represent ‘S’peed in the 3GS and ‘S’iri in the iPhone 4S. Now, a recently filed patent shows that Apple is working on integrating more biometrics security components into mobile devices–including […]

Researchers Find Android 4.2 Built-In Malware Detector Underwhelming

Android logo

With the latest revision of the Android 4.2 operating system–also colloquially referred to as Jelly Bean like Android 4.1–Google had attempted to beef up security on its mobile platform by including a built-in malware detection engine. However, according to researchers at NC State University, the malware detector was said to be underwhelming. News of Google’s […]

Authentication Chip in Lightning Cable Made By Texas Instruments


In an a teardown and analysis of Apple’s Lightning cable, which replaced the standard 30-pin dock connector cable on the iPhone 5, Chipworks found that a Texas Instruments chip is used inside the cable, likely serving as a security chip. The authentication chip found within the Lightning cable could have a big impact on Apple’s […]

How to Set a Passcode on Lock Screen of iPhone 5


For security purposes it’s a good idea to set up a Passcode on Lock Screen for the Apple iPhone 5 or any iOS device like the iPad, previous iPhones and the iPod Touch. This requires the user to enter the Passcode before the user can reach the iPhone’s content. Without the Passcode, no one can reach private […]

iPhone 5 Setup and Security Guide

iPhone 5 brightness & WallPaper

The iPhone 5 is ready to use right out of the box, but GottaBeMobile recommends a few essential steps to set up the iPhone 5. These steps will make sure the iPhone 5 is set up securely and correctly. The iPhone 5 setup steps take a few minutes to complete, but are worth it to make sure […]

RIM Wants BlackBerry With NFC to Replace Security Badges


While a lot of the attention behind NFC, or near field communications, technology has been focused with the digital mobile wallet in the past, Canadian smartphone-maker Research in Motion is putting an enterprise twist to the technology to enable mobile workers to replace their corporate ID badges. At many place of employments, employees use an […]

S in iPhone 5S Model May Stand for ‘Security’

While we still have to wait for Apple to announce the iPhone 5 come Wednesday, September 12, ahead of the device’s official announcement we are already hearing rumored specs for the iPhone model that succeeds the iPhone 5 in Apple’s lineup. If Apple keeps its historic sequential naming convention for the iPhone since the iPhone […]

Dropbox Increases Security with 2-Factor Authentication

Dropbox Security

Dropbox now offers increased security for users that want to keep their files secure, Over the weekend Dropbox turned on two-factor authentication, a more secure way to log in to Dropbox. Two-factor authentication combines something you know, a password, and something you have, in this case a phone. When logging in to Dropbox with this security in […]

How to Password Protect Google Play Purchases on the Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Google Play PIN for purchases

Because the Nexus 7 is affordable, small and relatively durable it makes for a great tablet to share with the entire family, including younger users who can easily run up a high bill in the Google Play store. Reader Mara bought the Nexus 7 for her 5-year old son to use, and wants to make sure […]