Data Locker

This is the Data Locker Pro AES, a platform independent portable hard drive with 256 bit hardware AES encryption.

Remotely Disable a ThinkPad With a Text Message

Lenovo has added a new feature to their ThinkPads that allow it to be remotedly disabled in the event that the laptop / tablet pc becomes stolen – simply by sending a text message to WWAN phone number for the laptop. This is a great thing for IT shops needing maintain better control over their […]

Experts Advise Caution Because of Exploit in Internet Explorer


I’m seeing a lot of reports on this Internet Explorer exploit this morning so here’s sort of a public service announcement. Apparently Microsoft is acknowledging a severe exploit in IE (all versions of the browser) and some security experts are advising that you use another browser until the hole is plugged. The BBC is carrying […]

Lost That Computer? How About a GPS Kill Switch?


I’m sure this kind of security approach will come in handy for some in the enterprise world and also some consumers. Ericsson and Intel are working on a GPS based anti-theft technology by focusing on compatibility between Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Modules and Intel’s Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology.

AVG Users Take Note: Error Removes Windows System Files


If you are an AVG user (7.5 or 8.0) you need to do an update right away. Yesterday an update that was released recognized a Windows XP system file (user.dll) as a virus and recommended deleting the file. If the file did get deleted you would not be able to boot up and have to […]

Laptop Security Tips

Lifehacker is featuring an excellent how-to that demonstrates the steps necessary to secure and protect your laptop.  Their tips are broken down into the following phases: Phase One: Lock and Key This phase discusses ways to physically protect your machine from being stolen. Phase Two: Alarms and Security Cameras How to keep an eye on […]

Are SSDs A Bigger Security Risk?

Interesting article in ComputerWorld about the increased security risks of Solid-state drives (SSDs). According to some experts they aren’t as secure as their spinning cousins. The jist is that they have no phyiscal security hooks making them relatively easy for a hacker to remove them, and then read the data using a flash chip programmer. […]

Sybase Announces Support of Panasonic Toughbook U1

Sybase iAnywhere announced today that they’ll provide full support for the Panasonic Toughbook U1, the new rugged ultra-low-small PC. Sybase iAnywhere Afaria a core component of the Information Anywhere suite, provides comprehensive management and security capabilities to ensure that mobile data and devices are up-to-date, reliable and secure.” Fundamentally more of an IT application, but […]

GottaBeSecure: WiFi vs. Mobile Broadband

If you read my weekly GottaBeSecure articles, you’ll know that WiFi security is one of my favorite topics. Many people ask me, however, whether cell phone data cards (AKA mobile broadband or air cards) are any more secure? Assuming you’re worried about your average black hat hacker or your snooping next door neighbor, the answer […]

All About AuthenTec and Fingerprint Technology

I remember when Tablet PCs first rolled out five years ago, we were all using pc card based fingerprint readers. Nowadays, integrated fingerprint readers have become standard features in Tablet PCs, and are quickly making their way into other mobile devices like phones, peripherals, etc. In addition, they are being used for more than just […]

GBM Podcast #36: The Security Show

Managing security in a mobile world can be a challenging problem. That is why we’ve devoted a feature series to it, called GottaBeSecure. Terry Bradley has been writing that series for us, and in this podcast, we talk about various security issues, as well as get to know Terry a little more. Enjoy! Download Podcast #36 […]

Going Mobile With a Security Mindset

As this article from InfoWorld points out, mobile workers continue to enter the mobility space uninformed about the issues of security revolving around email, WiFi, data syncing, tethering, data stored in the cloud and accessible from just about anywhere, corporate data stored on mobile pcs and tablet pcs, etc. Wherever we step, there seems to […]