Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad and Galaxy Note 3 Selfie Wins the Oscars

While Leonardo Dicaprio sadly missed out on another chance to win an Oscar during the annual award show this weekend, there’s still plenty to talk about from a technology and mobile perspective. If you watched the Oscars then you all know who the real winner was. Samsung of course. The company had sponsored devices all […]

Oscar Host Uses Sponsored Samsung Phone Onstage, iPhone Off


Ah, life backstage can often be much more entertaining and interesting that life under the bright lights onstage. Take that from someone who has been living that life for three decades now. And Sunday night’s Oscar telecast proved just that. We mentioned earlier that Samsung would have major advertising coverage on this year’s Oscar with […]

Apple Focuses on iPhone 6 Selfies With Sony’s Help


Look out HTC–Apple’s speculated improved camera for the iPhone 6 is squarely aimed at your M8. According to the latest report from Nikkei and as reported by 9to5 Mac, Apple will be tapping Sony to produce the CMOS sensors for use in both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 6. Supply chain reports suggest that Sony’s […]