How to Sell Your Gadgets on eBay Without Getting Ripped Off


We’ve given you some tips in the past about buying gadgets on eBay, but what if you’re selling them? Getting rid of your old gadgets can be dead easy, especially if you use a trade-in program at a store (but we don’t recommend that). To get the most out of selling your old gadgets, posting […]

HP is not Selling Notebook and PC Business to Samsung


On Thursday, a rumor popped up claiming that HP was preparing to sell the company’s notebook and PC division, with the likely buyer being Samsung, a company that has been trying to break into the U.S. notebook market in a bigger way. The initial report came from the Taiwan Commercial Times, but has since been […]

eBay Tips: Always Watch The Shipping

A few years ago I had my heart set on buying a sword.  I took a few trips to the local antique mall and kept finding myself gazing upon the beautiful Excalibur weapons as they gently rested in their display cases.  It was a phase I was going through.  That phase led me to an […]