RIM Retreats in Consumer Markets, BlackBerry Now Geared Solely at Enterprise


After slumping sales and a failure to compete effectively in the consumer space in light of stiff competition from newer mobile OSes such as Apple’s iOS and devices running Google’s Android operating system, Research in Motion had announced that it will be exiting the consumer space. In effect, RIM will be returning back to its […]

1 BlackBerry, But 2 RIMs a Better Strategy for Success


With Research in Motion’s (RIM, ticker: RIMM) stock prices taking a beating since the debut of iOS and Android, pro-BlackBerry analyst Mike Abramsky of RBC calls for the Canadian smartphone-maker to split its company into two separate entities. The split would allow RIM to be more nimble and make bolder and more aggressive moves to […]

T-Mobile Shuts Down Sidekick Services


T-Mobile USA had written to inform us that the carrier will be shutting down its servers for the Sidekick service, which are operated by Microsoft post-Danger acquisition. The Sidekick service will officially end on May 31, 2011, and the carrier will reach out to affected customers to help them migrate to a new device. In […]