BlackBerry to Pre-Load BBM on Select Android Phones


*+-After having announced that it would be freeing the BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM for short, service that’s been historically tied to BlackBerry phone hardware, smartphone-maker BlackBerry is now announcing that the messaging service will come pre-loaded on select phones running the rival Android operating system. Previously, BlackBerry had announced that BBM would be available as […]

New Gmail Adds Category Tabs to Tame Inboxes

The new Gmail categories feature.

*+-Google will once again attempt to tame the inboxes of users across the world. This time it’ll attempt to do so with a newly revamped user interface for the company’s Gmail on iOS, Android and web versions. The changes, which were announced earlier today on the company’s Official Gmail Blog, will seek to address the clutter of […]

Google I/O: Don’t Expect Major Hardware Announcements Or Changes to Android


*+-Google’s I/O developer conference this year will be a big event for Google and for Android devotees, but don’t expect any major hardware announcements or revolutionary changes to the Android operating system. Android’s new chief Sundar Pichai had sat down in an interview with Wired to hint at what to expect at Google I/O, which is […]

Amazon Working on Netflix Model for Digital Books


*+-So far, digital books, or e-books, are only available to users on an a la carte basis, meaning that they pay per book title. However, that may change if Amazon can sway publishers into allowing users to rent books utilizing a premium subscription model similar to what Netflix employs for movies and TV shows. There […]

How to Hide the Black Google Bar or Change it Back to White

Google Bar Black to White

*+-If you’re not a fan of the new black Google toolbar that is a component of Google+ you can use one of these simple hacks to turn the Google bar back to white or to hide it altogether. These tweaks will also return the sidebar to a standard white and blue color scheme. For more on why this […]

Why is the Google Bar Black?

Google Black bar

*+-If you look at a today you’ll notice a new black bar that spans the top of the page. The menu bar isn’t new, but the change in color may be drawing you to the Google menu bar for the first time. Why is the Google Bar Black? Google has just launched Google+, a […]

Why My Personal Assistance Service only Costs $10 Per Month

Screen shot 2010-10-26 at 5.57.32 PM

*+-I’m a big fan of MyAssist, a virtual personal assistance service that’s saved me countless hours over the past year. I’ve raved about MyAssist (review here), which has helped me plan vacations, my wedding anniversary, shop for gifts and track down hard to find items. When I tell people about this wonderful service, the most […]

Evernote Hits 3 Million User Mark, Chat with Phil Libin


*+-Evernote announced that three million users have registered for its service in less than two years. That’s quite an achievement by any measure. I spent an hour on the phone with Evernote CEO Phil Libin to learn more about what they’re working on and what we can expect to see in the near future. Evernote’s open […]