Shadowrun Returns Coming to iPad, Android, PC & Mac on July 25

Shadowrun Returns

*+-Shadowrun Returns, the latest video game adaption set in the Shadowrun cyberpunk universe will come to the iPad, Android, PC and Mac on July 25. Started as a Kickstarter project last year Shadowrun Returns is an attempt to make a cyberpunk game as great as the acclaimed Super Nintendo Shadowrun game. The new game is […]

Crimson Skies for iPad a Possibility for Game Creator

Crimson Skies for iPad

*+-Crimson Skies for iPad is one of several apps I would buy no matter the cost. Crimson Skies is an incredibly fun dogfighting game filled with “dieselpunk” air-pirates which gamers will remember from its days on the Xbox 360. There’s no announcement of Crimson Skies for the iPad yet, but in an interview with Shacknews, […]