Verizon’s Secret $70 iPhone & Android Plan Revealed

The iPhone 5 sports a smaller 4-inch display.

Verizon switched over to Shared Everything plans last summer, which lists the cheapest Verizon plan for new users at $80 with barely any data, but there is an unadvertised smartphone plan for individuals who need more data than minutes. The Verizon 450 Talk plan is a semi-secret iPhone and Android plan on Verizon that new customers can […]

How to Add the iPad to a Verizon Share Everything Plan

iPad mini with 4G LTE

Adding the iPad to a Verizon Share Everything plan is a great way to stay connected while on the go for just $10 a month, but adding the iPad or iPad mini to a Share Everything plan is more complicated than it needs to be. The Verizon Share Everything plan allows iPad users to add […]

Does Sprint Need a Shared Data Plan?


While attention has been shining on U.S. carrier Sprint as it is the lone carrier to offer truly unlimited data, does the carrier need to do more to deliver value to its customers?  While unlimited data is a neat thing to have, most customers do not use that much data and recent surveys position data usage by the […]