HTC M7 Shortages: Get It Early or Wait In Line


A new report suggests that HTC may be suffering from shortages of critical components for its unannounced but highly anticipated HTC M7 smartphone launch. If reports of such shortages are accurate, the HTC M7 may suffer heavy delays in handset availability given pent up demand for the smartphone that will succeed the HTC One X. […]

iPad 3 Retina Display Said to Be in Short Supply Ahead of Launch


With Apple ready to announce the iPad 3 next Wednesday, and possibly even releasing as early as next weekend, the tablet maker might have trouble coming up with enough of the Apple iPad 3 retina displays to meet the likely heavy demand for the new iPad. Claiming to hear from Apple supply chain sources, DigiTimes […]

iPhone 5 Delays and Shortages Possible Through 2012

If you can’t wait for the iPhone 5, hang on to your seat. Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is experiencing issues with at least one production line that could cause a further delay in the launch of a new redesigned iPhone 5 with a teardrop shape and a larger screen. The delays come weeks […]