How to Turn on Voice & Data on Verizon iPhone 6

Learn how to use voice & data at the same time on the Verizon iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus.

The Verizon iPhone 6 and Verizon iPhone 6 Plus finally support simultaneous voice and data, which is a fancy way of saying you can talk and use the Internet at the same time. The only catch is that you need to turn on voice and data on the Verizon iPhone 6 before you can use […]

Incredible iPhone Feature Finally Coming to Verizon this Fall

The tech will finally be in place to support a Verizon iPhone with talk and data at the same time.

The iPhone 6 will finally offer an amazing feature to more users this fall as Verizon plans to launch a new type of network that will let iPhone users do more on Verizon. This new feature will likely be part of the iPhone 6 at release and could be a part of the iOS 8 […]

The Biggest iPhone 6 Feature Verizon Customers Want

There is hope for an iPhone 6 with VoLTE support on Verizon to finally let users talk and surf at the same time.

The Verizon iPhone 6 needs one small, but important feature to catch up to what the AT&T iPhone has offered for years — support for talking and surfing at the same time. Sometimes this feature is called simultaneous voice and data, but what it means is users can talk on the phone and use the […]

Verizon iPhone 5S Might Let You Browse and Talk At Same Time

Video thumbnail for youtube video Verizon iPhone 5S Might Let You Browse and Talk At Same Time

The Verizon iPhone 5S could support simultaneous voice and data to let users browse the web and talk at the same time, but the feature would not be ready at launch. The Verizon iPhone 5 does not support simultaneous voice and data even though other Verizon smartphones and the AT&T iPhone 5 offer this feature. […]

HTC ThunderBolt Supports Simultaneous Voice and Data on Verizon 4G LTE


According to a leaked image of training materials for the Verizon Wireless HTC ThunderBolt Android smartphone, the phone will be the first Verizon device that supports simultaneous voice and data use, something that GSM phones have enjoyed for a while now. The ThunderBolt will support voice and data use at the same time while on […]