Apple Had Considered iPhone Design With Physical Keyboard


Before the launch of the original iPhone in the summer of 2007, Apple had at one point in the design stages of its flagship and debut smartphone considered a physical keyboard for the iOS–at the time it was called the iPhone OS–smartphone. Revelation of the physical keyboard design consideration was revealed by famed iPod and […]

Nuance Buying Swype


After a huge public announcement alongside Apple for the launch of the iPhone 4S as the voice engine to power the Siri virtual assistant software, Nuance is looking to grow its natural UI portfolio with an acquisition of Swype. Swype is a software keyboard that’s pre-loaded on a number of Android smartphones as an alternative […]

HTC Launching Trace Keyboard on Sensation to Compete with Swype

HTC Trace on the HTC Sensation

The newly announced HTC Sensation smartphone will not only come with a number of new hardware specs, but will also launch with a new software keyboard called HTC Trace. HTC Trace will be competing against Swype to provide users with a different method of entering text on a touchscreen smartphone. Rather than pecking away at […]