Mobile Home Brings Siri to Auto Hands Free Systems

Mobile Home for Siri and auto hands free systems

Using Siri through a car’s hands free Bluetooth system only works well with cars that support it. Enter the Mobile Home, not a cheap trailer house susceptible to high winds, but a device that connects to an iPhone via Bluetooth that adds Siri functionality to a car’s hands free system. Car owners can buy aftermarket […]

Apple Siri Dock Patent Would Pit Siri Against Xbox One


Apple, who seems to patent every idea their engineers think about, applied for an Apple Siri dock patent that would potentially bring Siri to the living room through a device called a “smart dock”. The dock would continuously listen for a user’s voice commands, like the Xbox Kinect that comes with the new Xbox One. […]

Steeri is The Driverless Car We All Think Might Happen


It’s a very cold weekend in most parts of the U.S. so perhaps a little satirical humor will offer some warmth. Even better, the target of the satire is a favorite for many, and that’s Apple’s Siri. Well, actually it isn’t Siri. It’s Steeri. The very funny folks at the Smart Department have produced a […]

Honda Debuts Siri Eyes Free, HERE Connected Maps in 2014 Civic


Auto-maker Honda is bringing a more connected experience to its 2014 Civic thanks to the introduction of new features, such as integration of Apple’s Siri Eyes Free as well as Nokia’s HERE connected maps. The technologies are appearing as Honday Display Audio and HondaLink inside the cars, and the automaker says that “together these technologies […]

Google Search Update Brings a Smarter Google Now

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.14.51 AM

Last week reports suggested Google was preparing to update the Search and Google Now app for Android with a serious overhaul and additional features. Today this update arrived right on schedule, rolling out late last night to Android devices, and users can now expect a smarter and more chatty experience. Google Now is already one […]

Google Now Voice Search to Get Smarter and More Chatty Next Week


A rumored planned upgrade to Google Search, which powers Google Now on Android, will give the digital voice assistant app a more conversationalist approach a la Siri. According to Wired writer Matthew Honan in his review of the Nexus 5, the added voice and speech features of Google Search and Google Now will be arriving on […]

How to Make Siri More Personable in iOS 7


Ever since Apple introduced Siri to the world in 2011, she’s been helping iOS users schedule meetings, find places to eat, navigate them to the nearest coffee shop and help remind them to get certain tasks done on time. Siri is quite the whole package, but she’s also just a computer. However, you can make […]

How to Change Siri’s Voice in iOS 7


Siri is one of the standout features of iOS, and Apple has been continually improving it since they debuted it with the iPhone 4S two years ago. This time around, with the launch of iOS 7, Siri received a handful of new features, including the ability to recognize new voice commands and check more sources, such […]

Using Siri in a MyFord Touch-equipped Vehicle


Apple made news recently at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) by announcing that their Siri Eyes Free system was to be expanding to because a full Siri in the Car experience. Notably absent from this announcement and current Siri Eyes Free support is Ford. Even though there is not official Siri support built into […]

Hidden iOS 7 Feature May Dramatically Improve Siri & Dictation on iPhone 5S

In iOS 7 we could see offline dictation, or as it is known in OS X Mavericks Enhanced Dictation, which would offer live feedback for words.

Apple isn’t sharing every iOS 7 feature yet, and it looks like the company may be hiding a feature that dramatically improves dictation and possibly improves Siri. Apple switched up the Voice Dictation Screen in iOS 7, but in the current form it doesn’t show what the user is saying until they tap done. A new discovery […]

iOS 7’s Siri in the Car May Drive Hard Buying Choice for Tech Drivers


While consumers may welcome the familiarity of having their favorite smartphone operating system in their new vehicle, particularly with Apple’s iOS 7 Siri in the Car announcement recently at WWDC, the answer isn’t so simple. Though General Motors hasn’t outlined its plans for iOS 7 in the car, the auto-manufacturer was on Apple’s short list […]

Siri Eyes Free Coming to ’14 BMW Models

siri eyes free button

BMW has announced that they will be offering Siri Eyes Free functionality to all 2014 models via an update to its ConnectedDrive Internet service. ConnectedDrive allows drivers to utilize apps like Pandora, as well as receive Google mapping data. Delivered over-the-air, the Eyes Free functionality should be easy to roll out across the line. The […]

Why You Should Just Avoid Siri in the Car: It’s Not Safe

Image courtesy of AAA

While smartphone companies and car-makers are converging to promote new connectivity and inter-connectivity options inside your dash in an effort to espouse safer, hands-free use of technology while driving, you may want to wait before you jump in and get any of those options. According to the latest report by the American Automobile Association, also known […]

Apple Updates Siri for iOS7

The new Siri included in iOS 7, courtesy of The Verge.

Seemingly not content with creating the world’s first widely available voice assistant, Apple has announced iOS 7 will herald a newly updated Siri with additional features designed to make Siri even more useful. Most notably, the new Siri will have options to use the voice of a female or male and speak in the user’s […]

iOS 7 Supercharges Siri for an iCar Experience


During today’s keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced some significant changes to the Siri voice control system. Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, announced that the new version of Siri will be completely integrated into infotainment systems in many new automobiles. Presently, the “best” integration option that […]

Is Microsoft Bringing Siri to the Living Room with the Xbox One?

The Xbox One could feature Siri-style voice control.

Microsoft’s Xbox One could deliver what Apple has so far been unable to do, Siri in the living room. This new feature, which was described to Polygon by a user who was asked to test the feature by company executives involves users being able to have two-way conversations with their Xbox One, similar to the […]

Microsoft Goes After iPad Using Siri in new Windows 8 Ad

MS iPad Siri Ad

This week, Microsoft debuted a new ad that’s designed to showcase the strengths of its Windows 8 operating system and ecosystem, while highlighting the weaknesses of the iPad. How did it choose to do so? By letting Siri, the audio assistant included on the iPhone and iPad, speak for itself. The advertisement features the 64GB […]

iOS 7 is Apple’s Chance to Cut Down on Distracted Driving

iOS Siri Eyes Free

Distracted driving is an issue facing every person and every local government nationwide. Presently, there are solutions for Android phones and from automobile manufacturers that attempt to curb distracted driving. Apple does provide Siri as a way to curb distracted phone use, but Apple markets it as a personal assistant rather than a driving aid. […]

Apple Keeps Anonymized Siri Data For Two Years

Siri appears to be faster, possibly pointing to a stealthy Siri upgrade by Apple.

A report from Wired confirms that Apple keeps logs of Siri data for two years, though everything is anonymized so Apple can’t trace it back to users. Apple stores voice clips of everything users ask Siri to help improve the service over time. When a user speaks to Siri for the first time the system […]