Losing Direction with Apple Maps


There have already been more words written than can possibly be read about Apple’s issues with its new Maps App. Many of those words are just words without meaning as they counter other words written previously. There’s a PR war going on between Apple and Google over who did what when, both trying to save […]

5 Overlooked iOS 6 Features You’ll Love

iOS 6 Features Overlooked 1

Starting tomorrow morning users can download iOS 6 to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The latest version of Apple’s iOS software includes over 200 new features. We’ve shared many of these new iOS 6 features, focusing on the flashy ones like Siri on the iPad and turn-by-turn directions, but there are many more iOS […]

Siri Comes to New iPod Touch

iPod touch with Siri

Apple is bringing Siri to its most affordable iOS device, the iPod touch. The voice-assistant service made its debut last fall on the iPhone 4S and moved to the New iPad  earlier this year. There are a few caveats however. The service is only available for when connected to the Internet, which makes Siri only […]

Apple Announces New iPod Touch with 4-inch Display, Siri & Better Camera

iPod Touch Display

Apple announced a new iPod Touch today with a larger 4-inch display, better camera and Siri. This is the 5th generation iPod Touch. The new iPod Touch is the first real upgrade to the iPod Touch line since 2010, and a much-needed update. The iPhone stole much of the iPod Touch’s thunder, but this update shows Apple did […]

Intel and Nuance Bring Siri-like Voice Control to Ultrabooks


Users will soon be able to control Ultrabooks with a Siri-like voice control solution. Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate, powerful voice dictation applications for Windows and Mac, partnered with Intel to create a useful new tool that brings tightly integrated voice control to Ultrabooks, thanks to the Nuance voice recognition engine. While many people […]

iOS 6 Release Date and What to Expect from iOS 6

iOS 6

iOS 6 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. This software provides the experience users enjoy on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and this year it’s on for a major overhaul. Apple first announced iOS 6 this summer and I’ve used it on my iPhone and iPad for the last few months. […]

Samsung Describes Galaxy Nexus Sales As “Minuscule”


In Apple’s separate case against South Korean Android manufacturer Sasmung surrounding patents that the iPhone-maker feels that the Galaxy Nexus infringed upon, it was revealed that sales of the Galaxy Nexus was “minuscule.” The lawsuit filed by Apple alleges that the Galaxy Nexus and the Android software used by the smartphone infringes upon Apple’s patents […]

Martian Watch Puts Siri & Google on Your Wrist

Martian Watches

Smart watches are the new hot trend for wristwear, but not all smart watches are created equal. While Pebble and MetaWatch gained big attention on Kickstarter, they lack the ability to use voice commands. Enter Martian Watches. The Martian watches connect to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth to provide access to Siri and Google Voice […]

Google Adding Jelly Bean-like Voice Search To iOS App

Google Search Voice Search

Google is adding a new Jelly Bean feature to the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad. Google announced the new feature on the Official Google Blog. The new feature acts just like the new Voice Search function in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it does not include Google Now. With the new Enhanced Voice Search […]

How Siri Would Really Respond to Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorcese Siri ad

Apple loves to tout Siri in its recent iPhone 4S ads, but the service always seem just a little too good for the actors in the commercials. An edited version of the recent Martin Scorsese ad shows us how Siri would actually respond to the famous director’s inquiries. The video comes from App Judgement. It […]

Martin Scorcese Thinks Siri is “Going Places”

Martin Scorcese Siri ad

Apple continues its series of celebrity Siri ads with famed director Martin Scorcese. Apple’s latest ad features the director of Taxi Driver in the back of a taxi in New York City asking Siri about his day. Scorcese uses the service to move around his appointments at first. He also uses Siri to find out […]

How to Use Favorites as an iPhone Speed Dial


There is no iPhone Speed dial setting for the iPhone, even in the latest iOS 6 betas. While Android smartphones and flip phones allow users to hold down a number on the keypad to speed dial a contact, Apple relies on a different method of quickly calling contacts. iPhone Phone Favorites allow users to create […]

Siri Calls My Wife Sexy at Church, I Live to Tell the Tale


My wife owns and iPhone 4S and she seldom uses Siri due to the poor results she gets from the service, so she didn’t find out that I programmed Siri to call her “Sexy” until a very inopportune time. I never expected this prank to embarrass my wife as it did this past Sunday evening. My […]

Apple Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Nexus


A week after the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III and a few days after the announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Samsung has some bad news. According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, which will effectively ban the phone in the U.S. until the conclusion of […]

Siri Tested Against Google Now (Video)

Google Now

After Google announced its new Google Now feature as part of Jelly Bean, the comparisons to Siri were inevitable. Jelly Bean hasn’t officially rolled out to every Galaxy Nexus user yet, but we’re already seeing some comparisons between Siri and Google Now. The first comparison is a video from TechnoBuffalo. The video shows Siri and […]

Google Now Is Google’s Version of Siri With More Features

Google Now

With Jelly Bean, Google is adding its own version of Siri for all Android users. The new Google Now features voice control and search, just like Siri, but it also has a new card-based interface to help users throughout their day. The feature pulls users’ search history, calendar, and location to present the users with […]

HTC Teases Voice Control App For HTC Sense

HTC Voice Control teaser

It looks like HTC won’t let Samsung have all the Siri-cloning fun. The manufacturer is teasing its own voice control app in a not-so-subtle way. Today HTC posted an image to its Facebook page of what looks like a voice control app with some Sense design. The image shows a dog “talking” to the app, […]

Choose iPhone or Bluetooth When Activating Siri in iOS 6

Siri Bluetooth Choice

I can’t begin to count the number of times I started to use Siri and quit because a Bluetooth headphone was connected to my iPhone and out of reach. In iOS 6, Apple solves this issue with a new audio selection icon visible when activating Siri with a Bluetooth headset connected. The new option allows […]

Siri vs. S-Voice (Video)


When Samsung announced its Samsung Galaxy S III last month, it also detailed a new voice recognition app called S-Voice, software that will be in direct competition with Siri on the iPhone 4S. And with the battle heating up, a new video has surfaced pitting the Galaxy S III’s S-Voice against the iPhone’s Siri in […]

Car Makers Think Apple Overly Optimistic With Siri Eyes Free


Prior to the start of Apple’s WWDC developer conference, we’ve been hearing rumors that Steve Jobs had plans on revolutionizing the television and auto industries, something that Apple has so far not had huge presence in. At WWDC, Apple unveiled clues to what Jobs may have been thinking with a new mapping app that offered […]