Apple’s iPad Siri Images Hint at Taller iPhone


Being my usual thorough (read: OCD) self, I was examining Apple’s site for unannounced details on iOS 6 and noticed something odd. The Siri dialogue boxes in the iPad images are taller than the iPhone’s. Simple error or hint of what’s to come?

Apple Breaks Down Which iOS 6 Features Come to iPhone and iPad

iOS 6 Beta Jailbreak Successful, Don't Expect Release Soon

Yesterday Apple announced a number of new features coming in iOS 6. We already know that a few of the features a limited to just the latest iOS devices, but now we finally have a list of what features will come to each device. Anyone with a new iPad and/or an iPhone 4S won’t have […]

Hands On with Siri for iOS 6 (Video)

Apple gives users more power with the new version of Siri in the iOS 6 beta. I took the new and improved Siri for a spin on an iPhone 4S with the iOS 6 beta installed. Not every new Siri feature worked properly, but for the most part the new Siri is a welcome change. Read: Hands […]

Apple Announces Dictation for OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Dictation

Like the new iPad, the new version of Mountain Lion won’t have Apple’s full personal assistant, but it will be able to transcribe text. The dictation function is built into then latest version of Apple’s OS X and will be available in every app, even Microsoft Word. The feature should work as well as the […]

40 iOS 6 Features You’ll Actually Care About

iOS 6 Logo

Apple announced over 200 changes to iOS 6, the latest software that will power the iPhone and iPad. There are over 200 new features in iOS 6, but you won’t care about every change Apple made. Apple highlights the top iOS 6 features, but there are many more iOS 6 features that Apple silently announced. […]

Siri Comes to iPad in iOS 6

Siri on iPad

Apple’s iOS 6, the next version of iOS, will bring the brand new Siri the iPad. When the new iPad first launched it shipped with dictation, but it did not support Siri, disappointing many users. With Siri on the new iPad, the Apple tablet becomes a lot more useful for productivity.  With Siri users can easily set […]

Siri to Provide Sports Scores, Stats and Standings

apple sports information

Thanks to the updates to Siri announced at WWDC 2012, users will soon be able to keep track of sports scores, stats and more. The new features work with major sports, allowing iOS users to instantly get information about live games and players. Let’s say you’re a Green Bay Packers fan and you want to […]

Siri Can Open Apps in iOS 6

Siri Launches Apps

Apple goes big on Siri features with iOS 6, including the ability to open apps with Siri. Siri has long been able to play music and work with Apple apps, but third-party apps couldn’t play nice with Siri. On stage, Apple showed off the ability to open apps with Siri on the iPhone 4S. Apple […]

Apple iOS 6: New Features for iPhone and iPad

Apple Unveils iOS 6

Today at WWDC 2012, Apple has unveiled iOS 6, its new mobile operating system that will be coming to the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. iOS 6 is going to be coming with over 200 features including a big update to the software’s virtual personal assistant, Siri. The virtual assistant, which as been out […]

Why I Bought a Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note Travel Companion

It seems obvious from the credible rumors of a taller iPhone that Apple didn’t get my message about wanting a wider screen phone, so I decided to trust those rumors and make a switch. I bought the biggest Android phone you can buy, a Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T. I’m very pleased! Aside from getting […]

Apple Threatens To Block Samsung Galaxy S III With Restraining Order

Apple Threatens To Block Samsung Galaxy S III Launch

Apple’s lawyers are threatening Samsung with a temporary restraining order to block the Galaxy S III U.S. release later this month. According to 9To5Mac, Apple lawyer Josh Krevitt said the company could file the temporary retraining order as early as today. This comes just after Apple filed a motion to include the Samsung Galaxy S […]

Nuance Dragon ID Unlocks Android Devices By Voice

Nuance Dragon ID

Android users don’t need to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S III to unlock their phones by voice, they just need to look for Nuance’s Dragon ID on their next phone. According to TechCrunch, Dragon ID lets users unlock their Android smartphone or tablet with their voice. Similar to the Galaxy S III users just […]

iOS 6 Rumors Point to Facebook Integration, Live Icons, and More

iOS 6 mockup

Apple’s WWDC is still a week away, which means we have another week of iOS 6 rumors. Today’s list of rumors includes a new color scheme, live icons, and Facebook integration. Today’s list of iOS 6 rumors comes from BGR. Not all the items on the list have very many details, but many of the […]

Siri for iPad Coming in iOS 6?

Siri Coming to iPad in iOS 6?

A new rumor pegs Siri, the iOS virtual assistant, as coming to the iPad with iOS 6. 9to5Mac is reporting that Siri, which is currently only available on the iPhone 4S, will arrive for the iPad. And apparently, that is going to be one of the big features of iOS 6. It won’t just be […]

Privacy Concerns Lead IBM to Ban Siri At Work


Though employees can still bring their iPhone smartphones to work, IBM’s recently issue policy bars employees from using Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature at work. According to IBM, the reasoning for the ban is due to Siri sending user’s spoken queries to Siri to a remote data server to process speech to text and then […]

S Voice Leaks for Any Android 4.0 Phone, Quickly Blocked By Samsung


S Voice, one of the big software features in the Samsung Galaxy S III leaked on the web this weekend, but Samsung and Vlingo are blocking the app. According to SlashGear, the APK for S Voice leaked earlier this weekend. Anybody that wanted to try S Voice could load it on their Android smartphone, assuming […]

How to Calculate and Split Tips with Siri

Calculate Tip - Split Tip - Siri 1

Figuring out how much to tip and how to split a bill between friends is a pain, but thanks to Siri it’s simple. With the iPhone 4S, you don’t need one of the million tip calculator apps, just ask Siri. Siri can figure out the tip on a bill, and go even further rounding the total up […]

Apple Responds To Siri Class Action Lawsuit


Apple is defending Siri against a would-be class action lawsuit claiming the personal assistant in the iPhone 4S doesn’t work as advertised. According to The Wall Street Journal, the lawsuit claims that Apple’s ads for Siri are false advertising, claiming that the service doesn’t work as Apple says it does. Apple’s response is that Siri […]

Apple Rigs Siri to Declare the iPhone as Best Smartphone


Last week just when CTIA was beginning, users who asked Apple’s personal digital assistant Siri what the best smartphone available is got a surprising result–Siri told them that the best iPhone, based on user reviews, is the Nokia Lumia 900. The data that drives Siri comes from Wolfram Alpha and the result should be unsurprising […]