Foxconn CEO Comfirms Apple’s iTV Preperations

Apple iTV mockup

Foxconn CEO Tery Gou mentioned the Apple HDTV in a press conference. This is pretty firm evidence that the real “iTV”will be coming to market soon. According to China Daily, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said the factory is “making preparations for iTV.” The company hasn’t started production for the fabled HDTV just yet, but it will […]

Source Claims To Have Seen Apple HDTV With Siri and FaceTime

Apple iTV mockup

The rumored Apple HDTV could bring Siri and FaceTime into the living room. A source speaking to Cult of Mac claims to have seen the Apple HDTV complete with some iOS features. According to the source, Apple will put Siri and FaceTime into the HDTV, making it simple to control, and giving families an easier […]

iPhone 5 Self Destruct Feature Shows Siri’s Wrath (Video)

iphone 5 remote wipe explosion

The iPhone 5 won’t need a federal database of stolen phones to prevent thieves from using your new iPhone if this handy little anti-theft feature is part of iOS 6. Read: iPhone 5 Release Date and Rumor Roundup Our favorite iPhone concept creation design firm AatmaStudio put together a video showing how the new iPhone and Siri […]

Voice Control is for (Beach) Bums


While iCloud helped make my Hawaii trip worry-free tech-wise, the element of my iPhone I found most relaxing was Voice Control. If you ever question the value of voice control, an easy cure is to use it while walking to and along the beach.

Top 11 iOS 6 Features We Want on the iPhone 5

iOS 6 features

The iPhone 5 can’t get here soon enough, but the software that powers the new iPhone is just as important as the hardware itself, and we can expect a look at it in just a few months. iOS 6, the next version of the software that will come to the iPhone 4S and the new iPad, […]

Samuel Jackson & Zooey Deschanel Star in Siri Ads (Video)

sam jackson Siri

Siri is facing lawsuits from disgruntled users, but it looks like Samuel Jackson and Zooey Deschanel are on board the Siri revolution with two new iPhone 4S commercials. The Samuel Jackson Siri commercial aired last night, with the official Apple iPhone 4S logo and carrier branding for Sprint, Verizon or AT&T. Zooey Deschanel’s iPhone 4S commercial aired […]

Apple Working on Siri-Ready Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 5?

Apple Bluetooth headset

Patents suggest that Apple is planning a Bluetooth headset with the ability to act as a standalone MP3 player. In addition, users would expect an Apple branded Bluetooth headset could work perfectly with Siri. The U.S. Patent Office outed an Apple patent for a wireless headset with a built in music player — an iPod […]

Dolphin Browser for iPhone Gets Siri-like Voice Contol

Dolphin Browser iPhone Sonar

Dolphin Browser for the iPhone is a great alternative to Mobile Safari, and with the new Sonar feature iPhone owners have another reason to try this iPhone browser. Dolphin Browser is better than ever with Sonar, a voice control feature that lets users browse by voice. Sonar is a $0.99 in-app purchase on the iPhone, but […]

5 Things That Siri Needs

5 Things That Siri Needs

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S back in October of 2011, it also launched a new piece of mobile software in iOS 5. The version of iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S was unique as it came with a personal voice assistant called Siri, a feature that allows you to schedule appointments, shop, search the […]

The Voice Controlled Future: Your Gadgets Are Listening

Dragon TV Voice

Voice controlled gadgets are not new, but for the first time in years the technology is god enough that we can use it on a regular basis, as a means of interacting with our smartphones when fingers and tapping just wont do. We’ve moved from ‘simple’ apps that turn our speech into text to more […]

Siri Failures Lead to Second Class Action Lawsuit Filing


David Jones, an iPhone 4S user, filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for Siri failures due to “false and deceptive representations” about how well the voice activated service works. The first suit filed cited similar reasons. Apple clearly stated in its launch of the iPhone 4S that Siri was a beta product. Average users don’t […]

Apple to Bring Siri to Mac Via iPhone?


While Siri voice functionality has so far been limited to the iPhone–the voice assistant program was noticeably absent on Apple’s latest revision of its iPad tablet and only appears in limited dictation form, and is still missing in action on the Mac–Apple may be looking to expand Siri to other devices. Rather than have Siri […]

Why Siri is Called Siri


Ever wondered why the personal voice assistant on Apple’s iPhone 4S, Siri, is called Siri? Well, the company’s former CEO Dag Kittlaus has shed some light on the name and why that name was chosen for a product that eventually became one of the iPhone’s latest features. Siri is, in fact, not just some random […]

Siri Rumored to Be Getting Native Sports Scores

Siri, the personal assistant found on the iPhone 4S, may be getting an ability in the future, a feature that sports fanatics everywhere have likely been hoping and praying for since the software’s release back in October. According to developer Evan Coleman, it would appear that Siri will be getting native sports scores at some […]

iOS 5.1 Brings Tighter Siri-Yelp Integration


A small, but new, change introduced with Apple’s iOS 5.1 is that Siri is now more integrated with the third-party official Yelp app. Now, when customers click on a Siri result and if they have the Yelp app installed from the App Store, users will be taken to the Yelp app to view the restaurant […]

5 Tips to Master Dictation On Your New iPad or iPhone (Video)

Dictation on the new ipad

Using dictation on the new iPad or the iPhone is a great way to speed up sending messages, composing email and even writing longer documents. I’ve used dictation to write articles and much more for the past few weeks, and I’m surprised at how fast I can go. Using dictation on the iPad is even […]

iPhone Owner Sues Apple Over “Misleading” Siri Ads


According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is facing a class action lawsuit over the “misleading and deceptive” ads that the company has put out promoting Siri, the personal assistant found on the iPhone 4S smartphone. The Cupertino-based company is being sued over false advertising and the lawsuit claims that the software […]

What Apple Left Out of the New iPad Announcement

New iPad is the iPad 3

Apple announced their new iPad 3 today with a lot of interesting new features including a Retina Display, 4G LTE, faster processor and slightly thicker body, but they left out some really great things. (Read: New iPad Announced: Faster, Retina Display & 4G LTE) Here are the features that users, including our staff, wish Apple […]

5 Reasons You’ll Love Siri (and Dictation) on the iPad 3


When Apple takes the wraps off their iPad 3 or iPad HD today, we all believe or at least hope that it will included Siri. The voice recognition system available now only on the iPhone 4S helps users interact with iOS in a way much like Android users had all along, and some say better. […]

iOS 5.1 Will Bring Two Surprise Features

iOS 5.1 Will Bring Two Surprise Features

Tomorrow’s iPad event in San Francisco will likely be the launch pad for a new piece of hardware, presumably called the iPad 3 or iPad HD, but it also will likely be the launch pad for several other announcements. One of them is expected to be the highly anticipated iOS 5.1 update that is said […]