8 Awesome AirPlay iPad Games to Play on Apple TV

nova 3

*+-The Xbox One and Playstation 4 arrived to great fanfare, but one of the best “console” gaming platforms for enjoying games on a TV could come from Apple thanks to AirPlay, Apple TV and an iPad. Many of the games below also work with iPhone or iPod Touch. We found some fun AirPlay iPad games┬áto […]

Low Cost iPad Mini Excites Developers

*+-The prospect of a low-cost iPad Mini is exciting for developers hoping to tap into a new market of app buying iPad owners. Adding to the interest is the high likely hood of Apple AirPlay Mirroring to an Apple TV, which consumers might buy quicker with a lower cost iPad on the market. We caught […]

SketchParty TV for iPad is Pictionary on Steroids With AirPlay

SketchParty TV

*+-SketchParty TV turns the iPad and an Apple TV into a perfect party game for fans of the Pictionary or Draw Something games. Forget playing long drawn out games over the Internet and invite friends and family over for a fun evening of sketching and guessing. SketchParty TV is a pass and play iPad game […]