How to Sync Your OneDrive Pictures & Documents to Windows 8 

How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems in Windows 8 (6)

When you’re about to switch to a new computer and move between two different computers, nothing is more frustrating than having to mange your files. Today, many users still copy them to a hard drive and then sync them over, but with Windows 8 Microsoft added OneDrive, a cloud storage service that automatically backs up users’ stuff. With the free Windows […]

How To Turn On SkyDrive Settings Syncing in Windows 8.1

How To Turn On SkyDrive Settings Syncing in Windows 8 (6)

Gone are the days when users were forced to change every little setting on each notebook, laptop or desktop that they have. Windows 8.1’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) syncing let’s you keep  your desktop background, mouse settings and more available across multiple devices. It just makes the Windows experience easier than its even been for users with […]

OneDrive Could Reward iPhone and Android Users With More Space


Users of Microsoft’s upcoming OneDrive cloud storage service could get rewarded with more online storage for things as simple as inviting friends to join them on the service and using the Camera Roll back up utility on iPhone and devices running Google’s Android operating system. News about OneDrive, the renamed and refreshed version of Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft Renames SkyDrive to OneDrive


What’s in a name? Well, that depends on your attorneys and trademark law. For those who have been waiting anxiously to find out what the new name for Microsoft’s Skydrive will be, we have an answer. The new name will be OneDrive. Microsoft has finally announced how it will rename and rebrand its cloud storage […]

How to Turn Off SkyDrive Syncing in Windows 8.1

How to Turn Off SkyDrive Syncing in Windows 8 (10)

When Microsoft first added SkyDrive syncing it expected most users to love it. It expected them to want to offload their files and settings to its servers and have them automatically sync between Windows PCs. It expected that users would want to have access to their files anywhere and everywhere they possible could. While the […]

Holiday Cheer: Windows Phone Users Get Free Space for Holiday Photos & More


Users of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system have another reason for taking as many holiday photos as they can. They are being rewarded with 20GB of SkyDrive storage absolutely free. Detailed in emails sent out to users over the weekend, Microsoft says it’s giving these users the free storage as a way to show its “appreciation” […]

Microsoft Gives 20GB of Free Skydrive Storage to Windows Phone Users


Ho! Ho! Ho! Microsoft is acting like Santa Claus and stuffing Cloud stockings with some extras Skydrive storage. If you’re a Windows Phone user look for an email from Microsoft soon. That email is offering 20GB of free Skydrive Cloud Storage for one year. Users will have to claim their free Skydrive storage by the […]

Microsoft Updates SkyDrive For iOS, Introduces Automatic Photo Back Up

skyDrive for iOS update

Users of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage solution no longer have to purchase a Windows Phone device to get automated picture back up. An update to the SkyDrive for iOS app will bring the feature to the iPhone as well. Microsoft announced the application update in a blog post earlier today, and shared information about the […]

Office Web Apps Bring Real Time Collaboration to the Browser


In the continuing battle that is all about productivity work on the web, Microsoft’s Office Web Apps  (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote) have been viewed as web companions that users could access from a browser but Apps that lacked features already achieved by Google Drive/Docs. That changed a bit last week when Microsoft rolled out […]

Xbox One Will Allow Users to Stream Content Directly From SkyDrive

GameStop has gamers covered if they can't wait for the Xbox One release date to play the latest games.

Users looking to load the Xbox One with their favorite music or videos won’t even need to connect the console to their Windows PC or plug in a flash drive. Instead, the Xbox One can actually sync content from Microsoft SkyDrive. Although Microsoft didn’t formally announce the feature in any of its releases, Engadget noted […]

Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your iPhone and Galaxy S4

Skype is available on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft is typically on the receiving end of a lot of criticism these days. The company’s Windows 8 operating system introduced a new swath of changes that both delighted and alienated longtime Windows users. Its Surface RT tablet cost the company $900 million in stock write downs. Very few of the company’s moves can’t be […]

Microsoft Delivers Outlook to iPhone and iPad Users


Starting today, iPhone and iPad users will be able to get many of the same features of Outlook in the form of in a new application available from the iTunes Store. Using what Microsoft has dubbed OWA for iPad and OWA for iPhone, users will be able to access Office 365 accounts from their devices. […]

SkyDrive App Update Finally Available on iOS


After months of waiting, it appears Microsoft and Apple have finally reached an agreement to bring a new version of the SkyDrive app to iOS. The new app is the first update to SkyDrive since June 1, 2012. There were reports that updates never came to the app because Apple and Microsoft disagreed over charging […]

All My Storage: An App to Access Dropbox on your Surface RT

Screenshot (26)

If you’re a Dropbox or a Box user with a Microsoft Surface RT you are kind of in a wait and see mode. The folks at Dropbox are supposedly working on an App to work with the Surface RT, but we don’t have a release date at this point. I haven’t heard anything from the […]

Windows Phone 8 Fully Detailed on Video

Windows Phone 8 devices

Now that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is ready to come to market, the company has to explain the new OS to users, and to do that Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore has a rather lengthy video detailing the changes in Windows Phone 8. In the video, Belfiore walks through some of the features of Windows […]

Microsoft SkyDrive App Arrives on Android

SkyDrive for Android

Microsoft’s cloud service is finally available on Android with the release of the official SkyDrive app for Android. The new SkyDrive app is free in the Google Play Store and lets Android users access any file in their cloud storage from their smartphone or tablet. With the app Android users can view all the documents, […]

Tablets and Simplicity: The Cloud


Last week I started a series on how Tablets help me with my quest for simplicity. As I said in this post, the quest isn’t one that finds me actively searching for some sort of simple holy grail. Rather, solutions often find me as I test new Apps and new solutions. Tablets promise a new […]

Microsoft Updates SkyDrive Apps, Cuts Free Storage Space

SkyDrive Mobile Apps

Microsoft is challenging Dropbox by updating SkyDrive with new mobile and desktop apps while also decreasing storage space for free users. Microsoft announced today that SkyDrive Free now gives users 7GB of cloud storage space instead of the previous 25GB. Some users can keep the 25GB per month, however. Any user who already has a […]