Skype for Windows Phone Finally Comes Out As a Beta

Skype for Windows Phone beta

Last year Microsoft acquired Skype, presumably to bring video chat to more of its platforms faster. Today, after months of promises, the acquisition has finally paid off for Windows Phone. Skype for Windows Phone is finally available for download, though it is only available as a beta and will only work on a few select […]

Lumia 710, 800 to Debut in China with Windows Phone 7 Tango?


A new report claims that Nokia’s new Windows Phone smartphones will debut in China soon with the Tango version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Windows Phone 7 Tango will be a newer version of the Windows Phone platform than the Windows Phone 7 Mango OS that the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 both debuted with […]

Skype for Windows Phone May Launch in February

Skype for Windows Phone

While iOS and Android users have been able to download and use official Skype applications for quite awhile now, those who are using Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system have been left out. As it stands, there is no Skype client for Windows Phone, something many would consider extremely odd considering the fact that Microsoft bought […]

Skype Now Available for Nokia Belle Symbian OS


While owners of Windows Phone still have to wait for a native Skype solution despite Microsoft’s acquisition of the VoIP telephony company, owners of Nokia’s Symbian smartphone with the latest Nokia Belle, former called Symbian Belle or Symbian^3 Belle, can now download the Skype app. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like video calling is supported […]

Skype Confirmed for Windows Phone


Microsoft: Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon Yesterday, Hillel Fuld wrote an interesting article on Business Insider titled, “Here’s Why Robert Scoble And The Rest Of The Pundits Are Wrong: Windows Phone Will Be A Success“. This article stems from all the negative vibes that Scoble has been putting out about Windows Phone. Hillel goes […]

Top 10 Apps of 2011 (By Downloads)

Distimo top 10 apps in 2011 by downloads

One interesting tidbit in the Distimo app store report TechCrunch wrote about today is the list at the bottom of the top apps of 2011. The list is based on number of downloads across all major app stores and platforms, and reveals something about what most people use their mobile devices for right now. Of […]

Skype Offering A Free Hour Of Wi-Fi In Airports This Month

Skype Free Wi-Fi Holiday Promotion

The next leg of the busy holiday travel season is about to kick off, and you know what that means: free Wi-Fi deals! In the past airlines and companies like Google and Yahoo have offered a free ride to those in need if some sweet surfing away from home, be it in airplnes, airports, or […]

Skype 2.6 Update for Android Adds Photo and Video Sharing

Skype for Android

Skype has rolled out version 2.6 of its Android application and the software brings a feature that many of users have been waiting for. That feature of course is the ability to share photos and video with your colleagues, family members and friends directly from your Android device. You are able to do both of […]

Skype 2.5 App Update Adds 14 More Android Devices and New Features

skype mobile update

Skype announced recently that they’ve updated their Android app to work on 14 more devices and improved the overall experience. Good news for the Skype faithful, especially if you have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Atrix, HTC Evo 3D and several other devices. There are now 41 Android tablets and phones in total with Skype […]

Skype for iOS gains Bluetooth support, steady cam, ads


Skype pushed out an update to their apps for iPhone and iPad adding highly desired support for Bluetooth headsets, somewhat desired camera stabilization for the iPhone, and not quite as desired advertising. Bluetooth support means no more getting caught up in cords or having to share your conversation with everyone in the room over the […]

Cell Networks Buckle After Earthquake: How To Work Around Their Failures

Earthquake warning

Virginia just experienced a 5.9Magnitude earthquake which was felt throughout the East Coast up through New York and over into Ohio. Several of our writers experienced the quake in a multitude of ways. After the shaking died down, there was a common topic among our Twitter followers — the failure of cell networks. We don’t […]

Skype WiFi Brings Per Minute WiFi Access to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Skype WiFi App

Skype just made it easier to get online at over a million hotspots worldwide with the new Skype WiFi app for iOS. Skype WiFi, which used to be called Skype Access, let’s you connect to hotspots in airports and coffee shops with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without buying huge blocks of time and pulling out […]

Skype VP Hints at Deeply Integrated Windows Phone App


It’s no secret that Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Skype, still pending European regulatory approval but passed U.S. approval, will result in more Microsoft products with Skype integration, and in particular Windows Phone. New Windows Phone 7 Mango devices that will be released this Fall are expected with front-facing camera, and Skype may fill the role […]

Skype for Android Brings Video Calls to 17 Devices, Including ThunderBolt

Skype Video Calls on Android ThunderBolt Charge and More

Skype has finally released an update to their Android app which brings video calling to the masses. Skype 2.1 is now available with support for video calling on 17 new devices, including many popular smartphones. The update brings video calling to Android 2.2 device from several manufacturers as well as bug fixes and performance enhancements. Support for […]

Skype Job Posting Hints Video Chat Coming Soon to Windows Phone 7


If the Microsoft acquisition of Skype wasn’t enough to convince you that the Windows Phone-maker wants to bring video chat to its platform users, then the latest job posting at Skype should help to alleviate fears that Windows Phone 7 may lack video chat support. The job posting is searching for an engineer “for building […]

Skype 5.5 With Facebook Integration – Nice Addition, Not A Must-Have

Skype 5.5 with Facebook - news feed

Looks like the Skype/Facebook marriage will not be a lopsided affair. Just a few weeks after Facebook announced Skype integration into the social network’s chat interface, Skype has released an update to their desktop client. Version 5.5 integrates Facebook chat, news feeds, and posting right from the app. Do you need to rush to your […]

The Best VoIP Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

ipod touch voip

As our smartphones continue to become more “smart” and less “phone,” we all still need to make calls sometimes. However, the carriers’ rates for voice minutes can be a little overwhelming (especially when added to data and texting plans). With today’s data speeds, VoIP is a legit option for many people who want to avoid […]

Our 3G iPod Touch Concept is Thinner & Better for Skype

ipod touch w skype wm

Within the last week the tech blogs have been abuzz about a rumor that the next generation’s iPod touch might support 3G data. Naturally, artists’ concepts started popping up to give readers an idea of what it may look like. We always appreciate visual interpretations of new gadgets, but we thought we could do one better […]

Why a 3G iPod Touch Would Rock the World

ipod touch skype

Though based entirely on “sources” from a Dutch blog, the whispers that Apple could be preparing to launch a 3G-capable iPod touch this Fall are worth listening to. If true, this could have the potential to shift the smartphone landscape and pave the way for the data-only offerings that many customers have been waiting for. […]