Microsoft Reportedly Cut Off HTC From Windows 8

HTC Shift of yore

It looks like the once crown jewel of the smartphone space with rapidly rising sales figure is finding no relief recently with stagnant sales and profit losses. After warning investors of a bleak financial quarter as the HTC One X has seen weaker than anticipated sales in Europe and a rough launch in the U.S. […]

AMD Demos Prototype Windows 8 Slate


While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Intel’s and ARM’s chipset architecture on Windows 8 tablets, there has been little mention of AMD for Microsoft’s forthcoming platform that’s slated to debut this fall. At Computex this year, AMD is taking the opportunity to show off more of its wares and has shown off […]

Samsung Shows Off Series 5 Ultra Touch, Series 5 Convertible Ultrabook


At Computex, Samsung is showing off more of its Windows 8 wares in addition to a Transformer-like slate with a magnetic keyboard dock. The South Korean manufacturer is also expanding its Series 5 ultrabook efforts with two new devices–a Series 5 Ultra Touch, which is essentially a Series 5 notebook with a clamshell form factor […]

Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC Combines Ultrabook, Tablet Concept


After Acer and Asus had unveiled their Windows 8 tablets with keyboard docks–a design that became popular with Asus’ Android-powered Transformer slates–Samsung took the stage at Computex to ready its own design of the same concept. Samsung is using magnets to secure the tablet to the keyboard dock, and like rivals Asus and Acer, the […]

Asus Teases Transformer Pad That Can Dual-Boot Windows 8, Android


Asus has been known to push boundaries with form factors that will lead to, hopefully in the end, increased utility. It brought the original Eee Pad Transformer to the market with a laptop dock that converted the tablet into a lightweight netbook and debuted the PadFone as a modular device that converts from phone to […]

Google Expected to Sell 2 Million Nexus Tablets This Year


Ahead of Google’s annual I/O developer conference this summer, speculations are high surrounding Google‘s introduction of its own self-branded Nexus Tablet running its own Android operating system. The tablet, which has been for some time speculated to be made by Asus in a 7-inch form factor, is now expected to become available in July after […]

Original Apple iPad 1 Prototype With Dual Dock Connectors Hits eBay


The mythical and elusive iPad with dual dock connectors was recently spotted on an eBay auction showing off both the standard portrait-oriented dock connector as well as a secondary landscape-oriented dock connector. The dual dock connectors would make it easy for users to charge and dock their iOS slate in any orientation that they use […]

More Details of Asus Google Nexus Tablet Surface


Ahead of Google’s summer I/O developer conference this year, we’re hearing more about Google’s efforts on the hardware side surrounding its Nexus franchise. On the tablet front, we’re getting a clearer picture of the rumored Google Nexus Tablet that’s been speculated to be made by Asus. The device has been rumored to come in at […]

Dell Shows Off Atom-Powered Windows 8 Tablet in Leaked Slide


After the launch of the Latitude ST tablet running Windows 7, there has been high hopes that Dell would launch a Windows 8 slate in the form of the Latitude 10. The company isn’t disappointing and in a leaked presentation slide, it appears that the company is working on one with Intel’s dual-core Atom processor […]

Samsung Retooling 10-Inch Galaxy Note to Accomodate S-Pen, Quad-Core Exynos


It looks like not only is Samsung updating the internal components of its 10-inch Galaxy Note tablet–a device that will join the company’s 5.3-inch Note on the market today that’s sold as a smartphone–but the company will also be making some slight hardware revisions to the tablet as well. In particular, rather than requiring users […]

NVIDIA’s Kai Platform to Bring Quad-Core Tablets Down to $199


NVIDIA has created the Kai reference platform to help tablet manufacturers bring down the price of their tablets to $199 starting this summer, which is the same price that Amazon is selling its show-stealing Amazon Kindle Fire. According to NVIDIA, this will help to drive the price of quad-core tablets down to the price of […]

Tablet Rumors: Amazon Goes Big While Apple Shoots Small


In the latest round of tablet rumors, it appears that publication DigiTimes is kindling rumors that Amazon will be going big with its next release in the Kindle Fire product line. While it’s been long speculated that Amazon will add a larger Kindle Fire slate to its 7-inch tablet on the market, there was continuing debate […]

Intel Windows 8 Tablets, PCs to Arrive in November


According to an industry insider, it appears that Microsoft’s next-generation touch-centric Windows 8 desktop operating system and the Intel hardware that will support the OS will debut in November. Windows 8 will also support ARM-based processor, a first for the OS, but according to CNET, “The first wave of Intel-based Windows 8 tablets are expected to land […]

HP’s Windows 8 Slate Leaked


A leaked presentation slide reveals HP’s tablet ambitions for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, which will be more touch-centric than prior versions of Windows. The tablet, dubbed the HP Slate 8, will be geared towards business users and will follow HP’s Slate 500, which was release with Windows 7. In the past, HP had said […]

Huawei Now Releasing Android 4.0 Upgrade to 7-Inch MediaPad Tablets


Huawei is now making the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich available to owners of the MediaPad 7-inch tablet. According to reports, the software update is not available as an over-the-air update at this time and users must download the update first to their computers in order to upgrade the MediaPad from its Honeycomb OS. In […]

Thoughts on the Kindle Fire Being Half of the Android Tablet Market


There are a gazillion posts today reporting the news from comScore that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has 54.4% of the Android Tablet market. You can check out the news of that here in Shawn’s post. While we all need to take any news like this with some skepticism, sadly for Google and Android Tablet fans, this […]