Android Tablet v. Windows 8.1 Tablet: What to Buy


With the availability of smaller 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablets recently on the market with commendable specs, performance, and battery life, is it worth it to go full Windows or should consumers still opt for any number of Android slates in a variety of different screen sizes? I actually get this question asked a lot by […]

$5 a Day Offers AT&T Tablet Owners Instant 4G Gratification


For those users who find themselves infrequently needing cellular mobile broadband data, wireless carrier AT&T is offering a new plan that allows customers to purchase a day pass for just $5 for 4G LTE connectivity. The rate will give you just 256 MB of mobile data, but offers convenience and flexibility for those who find […]

Toshiba Cancels Windows RT Plans Citing Component Shortages


After having shown off some hardware based on Microsoft’s ARM-based Windows RT operating system, hardware partner Toshiba has announced that it would not release any devices based on the lower-powered, lower-cost architecture and instead plans on focusing on developing machines (laptops, desktops, and tablets) based on Windows 8. Windows RT is a stripped down version […]

Casio Launches New Tablets Aimed at Pen-Enabled Writers


Casio has launched four new tablets for the Japanese markets, and though these tablets run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Casio is aiming these tablets at enterprise users with the goal of integrating handwriting and notes into the slates. Like Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablets and HTC’s Flyer and Jetstream slates, the Casio models feature a […]

Microsoft Reveals More About Windows 8 for ARM, Office 15


Microsoft is slowly releasing more information about its Windows 8 and next-generation Office 15 projects. As Windows 8 will be the first version of the Windows operating system to support both AMD’s and Intel’s x86 architecture as well as ARM-based CPUs, there have been questions surrounding the user experience of tablets and PCs on both […]

Staples Tablet Survey Talks about Usage Statistics


Staples loves Tablets. Or at least Staples loves customers who might be interested in Tablets and wants to sell some more. So Staple is pushing out a new infographic with some survey data about Tablet users essentially saying people love their tablets. There’s some interesting, but not surprising data contained in the survey results. Of […]

Google’s Schmidt: “Tablet of Highest Quality” In 6 Months


According to a report from Notebook Italia (linked to by Slashgear) Google’s Eric Schmidt is promising “in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”  He was quoted in an interview with the Italian paper Corrierre della Sea. He’s also promising that voice recognition will be a big part […]

Grading My 2011 Predictions


It’s the end of the year and its time for wrap-ups, predictions and more crystal ball gazing than you can shake a branch of holly at. As usual before I make any predictions for 2012, I go back and grade my predictions for the this year now ending. The one thing that is predictable as […]

It’s Raining Tablets Out of the Sky (or maybe one day it will.)


I’ve been an admirer of Nicholas Negroponte and the One Laptop Per Childe (OLPC) initiative since I first heard about the ideas to place low cost computing devices into the hands of the underprivileged around the third world. Great idea. I’m not so sure about this one though. According to PC Magazine, apparently Negorponte’s latest […]

Tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich Still Unlcear


Last night Google took the wraps off of the next version of Android which we have all known as Ice Cream Sandwich and now is officially christened Android 4.0. There are some exciting things under the hood with Android 4.0, at least as shown for the smartphone, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But a big […]

Pixel Qi Talks About Mass Adoption after Investment by 3M


Remember Pixel Qi? The makers of that very cool transflective 3Qi display that allowed for full color in LCD mode and an outdoor readable gray-scale screen might have just gotten a big leg up. The Notion Ink Adam was the device that seemed to carry Pixel Qi’s flag but it certainly hasn’t become a big seller. […]

Short Memories on Tablet Design History


Tablets these days are slates. Thinner is better. Size is between 7 inches and 12 inches or so. The iPad defined the current market and others are either following along or trying to do their own thing. In the heady rush that has been the last two “Years of the Tablet,” it is often easy […]

Microsoft Details Stringent Specs Required of Windows 8 Tablets


At the All Things D conference earlier, Microsoft had announced and demoed basic features behind the Windows 8 user interface, showing off the new Live Tiles UI and HTML5 and Javascript apps, but the company left some lingering questions unanswered about its strategy and how it hopes to compete with always-on operating systems like iOS, […]

Windows 8 Coming in 2012 to Usher in Separate Tablet, Slate Categories


Slates and tablets may be used interchangeably in 2011 to describe one touchscreen form factor on a larger-sized touchscreen befitting of the category’s moniker, but in 2012 when Windows 8 systems begin to ship, they’ll have separate distinctions. Addressing a crowd of developers in Japan, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer referred to the next-generation desktop-class operating system […]

James Kendrick: Has Smartphone Technology Hit the Wall?


My short answer to the question James Kendrick raised and that headline’s this post is yes. My medium answer is yes, for the moment. My longer answer follows. If you’re looking for hardware innovation in smartphones, tablets, computers, etc… in the short term you’re going to be looking further down the road. Just like I […]

Stylus and Handwriting Recognition Coming to Android Tablets


As most Tablet PC users know, a proper stylus and handwriting recognition are invaluable. A proper inking experience has been lacking on the latest generation of tablet devices, including the iPad. That might change in the near future as N-Trig is partnering with HTC (see the HTC Flyer) and others to provide an inking experience […]

Tablets Tablets Everywhere But We Still Have to Wait and See


CES 2011 is done and the Tabletalozza, or whatever the tech press was calling it. still leaves us with more questions than it does answers. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Already this morning I’ve seen lists of Tablets to be on the lookout for published all over the Internet. Engadget has one and Kevin Tofel has […]

Some Interesting Weekend Tablet Reading


Last week our completely unplanned series on the iPad (here, here, and here) generated quite a few comments as do many of the posts we publish that talk about Tablets/Slates/whatever you want to call them. You don’t have to look further than the number of hits on posts about the Tega v2 and the HP […]

How Will Tablet/Slates Be Displayed in Retail Outlets?


Call it nostalgic wishing and/or dreaming, but this geeks’ heart would love to be able to walk into a Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon Store, AT&T Store, and wherever else we might see Tablets and Slates on sale and see these devices displayed side to side so that potential customers could pick them up and […]

Ballmer: Touch-optimized means “big buttons”


Ballmer, you disappoint me again. Yes, you know how to crush competition. No, you don’t know your product or technology the way your predecessor does, as exemplified by you saying that touch optimization means “big buttons.” Yeah, because everyone raves about the iPad having big buttons.