NexPhone Promises One Device for Phone, Tablet and PC

nexphone transform smart phone into tablet, laptop and desktop

*+-“NexPhone is the only smartphone you will ever need in the future, which becomes a Tablet, Laptop or PC.” At least that’s the promise coming from Kosmas Technology, the company behind the NexPhone project. They plan to offer a smartphone that a user can take from their home to the office to mobile locations and […]

iPad 2 Head-Tracking 3D Display Via Software, Front Camera


*+-With 3D becoming en-vogue on mobile devices like the Sprint HTC EVO 3D and the LG G-Slate, the iPad 2 is not one to be left out of the 3D craze despite being released without the 3D-capable display from Apple. That little fact isn’t stopping researchers at the¬†Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research group as the team […]