Cell Phone Darwin Awards 2012

Burnt phone darwin awards

It’s easy to break a cell phone, but destroying a smartphone in a spectacular fashion takes skill. Taking a page from the Darwin Awards, given to humans that meet their ends in incredibly stupid and spectacular ways, gadget warranty company SquareTrade presents the Cell Phone Darwin Awards. (Read: iPhone 4S Warranty and Insurance Options)  Not everyone needs a warranty, but […]

New ‘Death Grip’ Affecting HTC One X’s Touchscreen


In the past, with unibody metal constructions, various HTC-made handsets suffered from an issue known as the death grip where gripping the phone would result in diminished reception and signal strength. On the new 2012 flagship HTC One X, it doesn’t appear that reception is an issue, but the device does suffer from a new […]

Kids and Cellphones: At What Age?

Kids and Cell Phones

At what age did you or will you get your child a cellphone? As more and more kids carry phones, this question becomes important for parents. Should a child get a phone as soon as they want one? Why would they need one? Are children safe with one, especially if it can access the Internet? […]

Would You Buy an iPhone 5 Sight Unseen? [Poll]

Possible iPhone 5 Mockup

Would you order the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 sight unseen? That’s the question put to me by our own Xavier Lanier and my first reaction was, “Absolutely not!” As I thought about it, that question isn’t so cut and dried, especially when you consider the hypothetical scenario he gave me. The Scenario What if something really […]

Kevin’s Next Phone: iPhone 5 for My Wife

Possible iPhone 5 Mockup

In the spring I added a second phone to my mobile arsenal, the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. When my son broke his iPhone 3GS I took the opportunity to hand down my iPhone 4 to him and replace it with the Samsung Infuse 4G. Unless the iPhone 5 or some other Android phone shows up […]

Summer Road Trip: Tech In Our Bag & On The Road

MacBook Air On the Road

This week my family and I will be leaving on a long two-week trip around the Southeastern United States taking some of our favorite mobile tech toys with us. I thought I’d share with you what we are taking to make the journey fun and efficient. Last summer our editor Josh Smith took what he […]

HTC Thunderbolt Gets a Teardown & Repair Video from DirectFix.com

DirectFix.com Tears Down HTC Thunderbolt

If you’ve broken your HTC Thunderbolt or just enjoy watching tear down videos, check out the DirectFix.com video of the HTC Thunderbolt going under the screw driver, as it is dissected to replace a broken screen. No one wants to open their phone like this since it voids your warranty, but if you broke your screen like […]

Fathers Day 2011: Tech & Gadget Gifts for Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide - Mimobots

With Father’s Day right around the corner we wanted to give you a look at the hottest Father’s Day gifts for dad’s that love technology, gadgets, cameras and more. Dad doesn’t need to be a geek to appreciate these incredibly cool Father’s Day gifts, but it will help. You can head over to Notebooks.com for the full […]

Smart Phone in a Snow Bank

IMG_0007 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These last several weeks have been, well, to put it mildy, freaking insane at Wayside Theatre. We’ve dealt with three snowstorms that have left us with more snow than we can measure and lost performances. I was away on two audition trips in the middle of all of that dealing with the pain that comes […]