Android Fragmentation Visualized


This chart and link to this Business Insider and The Understatement articles by Michael DeGusta is circulating around the Interwebs today. It is certainly worth a look. (As is DeGusta’s post from either source.) Fragmentation has been such a big issue with Android for so long that it has almost become a cliché. Except for […]

What Apple Needs to Lure Me Back to an iPhone


As a long time iPhone user, I jumped ship to Android. I see a stagnating platform in iOS versus Android’s faster development of key features. I’m not a particularly platform loyal person. I’ve owned Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone and now Android. In each case I jumped to the next platform because I saw the move […]

Kevin’s Mobile Trio of Tech: Notebook, Tablet and Phone

My Trio of Tech

Many of us have a trinity of mobile devices that we use on a regular basis: often a notebook, a tablet and a smart phone. I use a couple of notebooks, one primary tablet and two smart phones, all of which make up Kevin’s Trio of Tech. Notebook Computer: 15″ Apple MacBook Pro If you […]

The Future of Mobile Payments and NFC is Bright (Infographic)

Infographic of Mobile Payments

An infographic from G+ says that by 2014 half of all mobile phones will have the ability to make mobile payments through built-in Near Field Communications chips, or NFC. Split into three parts, the infographic shows where the mobile payments market is going, who is in the race and how NFC works. NFC is quickly […]

HTC Thunderbolt Charging Port in Wrong Place for Video Use

Thunderbolt Kickstand is great, but power port is in wrong place

My family and I are on our summer road trip across the Southeastern US and my HTC Thunderbolt has been a wonderful companion but has one major problem – charging it while watching video in portrait mode with the phone propped up by the built-in kickstand is awkward due to poor placement of the charging […]

Top 10 Android and iPhone Apps to Use Instead of Watching Commercials


Ad Age is reporting that the most popular activity TV watchers do during commercials is not skipping past them with their DVR, but playing with their smart phone. According to a study by IPG Media and YuMe 93% of TV watchers and 73% of online video watchers use what the report calls “distraction media” during […]

How To Tether To Your Android Phone with WiFi Tether

Wi-Fi Tether app

WiFi Tether is an app for rooted Android phones that lets you use your phone as a wireless hotspot. This allows users to bypass carriers’ built-in Wi-Fi hotspot software, which is especially helpful on phones that come with unreliable hotspot apps, such as the HTC Thunderbolt. Installing the WiFi Tether App Keep in mind you […]

San Francisco Places Cell Phone Radiation Law on Hold

San Francisco

San Francisco’s controversial cell phone radiation law, one that would have required retailers to slap a label with radiation figures on cell phone boxes, has been put on indefinite hold as the city will likely pass a tamer law in its place. Last year, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom introduced the reform which required cell […]

Intel Profits and Shares Up Thanks to Mobile Adoption

Intel Logo

Intel announced their first quarter earnings and the company’s share price jumped as a result. The chip maker saw a 6.7% spike in share prices after announcing they had a record 29% rise in earnings during the first quarter of 2011. Revenue grew from $10.3 Billion in Q1 2010 to $12.8 Billion this year. Earnings […]

Vodafone’s Evolution of Mobile Video & Future Predictions

The Evolution of Mobile

Here is a pretty cool video from Vodafone in the UK that calls itself the evolution of mobile showing off mobile handsets from the early and hefty days to the revolutionary early smart phones and ending with an Android phone and the question “What’s next?” The video displays the phones using some interesting ” cutting-edge […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for March 25th


Another busy week is wrapping up and we’ve pulled together the biggest notebook, tablet and smart phone news of the week, including our Best of CTIA winners, to help you get caught up on what’s going on in technology. The biggest news of the week was arguably the CTIA Wireless 2011 show in Orlando which was the […]

AT&T Says T-Mobile 3G Phones Will Have To Be Replaced


Yesterday, current T-Mobile customers were shocked to learn that GSM giant AT&T had reached a deal to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion dollars. The deal could take up to a year to be approved by regulators but AT&T is already preparing those on T-Mobile for the future. In a statement today, […]

Americans Want Smart Phones But Are Confused About Why


Best Buy Mobile did a survey. Survey says Americans have been bitten by the smart phone bug. Survey also says that there is confusion among those who want them. Sampling 1000 adults over 18 the information is interesting as it points to some customer confusion and price resistance, but shows that the sexy marketing is […]