Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Backs Smartwatch Over Google Glass


Wearable computing–like smartwatches, smart eyewear with mounted displays, and sensors on clothing–is an emerging market that is predicted to explode over the next few years, so what device to buy and what to wear to maintain your geek chic? Twitter’s  Jack Dorsey and Square co-founder is hedging his bet on the smartwatch category, which is rumored […]

Microsoft Reportedly Building its Own Smart Watch

Microsoft's Bill Gates shows off it's SPOT Watches along with actress Micsha Barton.

Microsoft could be working on branded smart watches with touch screens to take on the rumored iWatch. According to sources who talked to The Wall Street Journal, earlier this year Microsoft began collaborating with Asian suppliers on components that it would use to create its own branded smart watches. Though the executives from the aforementioned […]

Can a Samsung Galaxy Watch Beat the iWatch?

Possible look for a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Image Credit Johan Loekito.

Samsung is making a smart watch that the company hopes will deliver more than a gimmicky Dick Tracy-like user experience and allow the company to leapfrog Apple’s rumored iWatch. “We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them,” Samsung […]

Altius Rumored to Be Samsung Galaxy Watch


A new set of screenshots has emerged showing the Samsung Galaxy Altius branding along with a curious 500 X 500-pixel square resolution leading some to speculate that the device in question may be a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung has recently expanded its Galaxy lineup to include smartphones, phablets, tablets, digital note-taking tablets like the Note […]

Pebble Starts Shipping Watches, iPhone App Delayed

Pebble CES 2013 6

The Pebble Team announced it will begin shipping the first Pebble smartwatches today, but only 500 will ship today and iPhone users will have to wait for the Pebble app to arrive on their phone. While the production line is currently producing between 800 and 1000 Pebble watches everyday, the team’s fulfillment center only have […]

Apple SmartWatch Rumored for 2013 Launch

Apple smart watch - iPod nano

Rumors out of China point to an Apple Smartwatch that connects to the iPhone with Bluetooth and displays information on a 1.5-inch display launching in the first half of 2013. Tech.163, a Chinese news site, reports on supply chain rumors which claim Apple and Intel are working on a smartwatch that would connect to iOS […]

Casio G-Shock iPhone Smartwatch Now Available

Video thumbnail for youtube video Casio G-Shock iPhone Smartwatch Now Available

Announced earlier this year, Casio is now making its G-Shock smartwatch, which pairs over Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, available through its website and at select department stores in the U.S., including Macy’s and Bloomingdales. The watch will alert you of incoming calls and messages and comes with a phone finder, […]

Is Google Working on a Nexus Watch?


In addition to Android smartphones and tablets as well as the new Project Glass wearable computing device, Google may have plans for a smart watch with a new patent. It’s unclear if Google will or even has plans to commercialize this smart watch, but the company has filed for a patent detailing what a Google-made […]

Martian Watch Puts Siri & Google on Your Wrist

Martian Watches

Smart watches are the new hot trend for wristwear, but not all smart watches are created equal. While Pebble and MetaWatch gained big attention on Kickstarter, they lack the ability to use voice commands. Enter Martian Watches. The Martian watches connect to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth to provide access to Siri and Google Voice […]

Pebble Smart Watch Gets A New Color And A Delay

Pebble Smart Watch orange

The Pebble Smart Watch is running into a typical Kickstarter problem where overfunded projects face delays after the campaign ends. The Pebble team recently announced on Kickstarter that it won’t meet the estimated September shipping date it had since the start of the campaign. The cause for the delay is essentially because the device was […]

Motorola Cuts Price on MOTOACTV Smart Sports Watch

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 7.06.21 PM

One of my personal favorite Android accessory, the MOTOACTV sports watch, which is a smart watch made by Motorola, has just received a $100 price cut making it even more affordable. With summer here, the MOTOACTV sports watch will help you track calories burned, steps taken, miles ran, or distance pedaled. The watch comes with […]

Pebble Smart Watch Might Support iPhone SMS Notifications In iOS 6

Pebble Gains Bluetooth 4.0, Kickstarter Pre-orders Ending Soon

When Apple announced iOS 6 at WWDC last week it showed a few slides with a number of small improvements. One of those small new features might be important for future Pebble owners. According to Razorian Fly, a new feature called “Bluetooth MAP support” could mean the Pebble Smart Watch will be able to read […]

MOTOACTV Smartphone Gets Smarter With Facebook, Twitter Integration


Though Motorola’s MOTOACTV smart watch is among one of the most polished Android wearable accessory on the market today, the device to many prosumers has been less of a smart watch than rival offerings from companies such as WIMM or Sony but is regarded more as a polished fitness accessory thanks to various workout modes, […]

I’m Not A Watch Guy, But I’m Buying the Pebble Watch

I'm Not A Watch Guy, But I'm Buying the Pebble Watch

I had to clear out quite a few cobwebs in my head before I could recall the last time I wore a watch. I believe I was 10 years old at the time and my Dad bought me a watch from the Jungle Cruise gift shop at Disneyland. I wore it for maybe a month […]

Pebble iPhone Syncing Smart Watch Raises $3 Million, Adds Features

The Pebble E-Paper watch, the first smart watch with real iPhone syncing and apps, just topped $3 million in funding on Kickstarter with 30 days to go. When we fist told readers about the Pebble smart watch funding topped $100,000, and in less than a week the project raised over $3 million dollars and banked […]

Sony SmartWatch Lands in U.S. for $149

Sony SmartWatch Lands in U.S. for $149

The Sony SmartWatch, that was first introduced back at CES 2012, has finally landed on shelves in the United States with a $149 price tag attached to it. The SmartWatch is a companion device in that it requires a connection via Bluetooth to an Android phone in order to fully take advantage of its capabilities. […]

GottaBeFunded: Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone & Android

Pebble smart watch for iPhone

The Pebble Smart Watch has apps, iPhone connectivity and an affordable price, all it needs is a bit of funding to make it to the market. Pebble is an E-Paper smart watch with apps that connects over Bluetooth to iPhone and Android smartphones with a host of different features. I was drawn to the Pebble […]

WIMM One Smart Watch Now Has an App Store on Your Android Phone

Wimm One Micro App Store

The WIMM One smart watch is one of my favorite connected watches, and with the launch of the WIMM Micro App Store, it’s even better than ever. The new WIMM Micro App Store allows users to install watch faces and apps on the WIMM One without any wires. The new apps and watch faces will […]

Motorola to Launch Major MOTOACTV Update on March 7


A major new software update will be coming to Motorola’s fitness-centric Android smart watch come this March 7th that will bring a host of new features. The software will allow users to track more types of workouts and make the watch more intuitive to use for first-time users out of the box. According to a […]

5 Ways I’m Using my WIMM One Smart Watch Today

Smart Watch WIMM One Text notification

The days of watches that only tell you time and date are long gone. At CES we saw an explosion of smart watches from many vendors, but the most exciting smart watch I saw was the one I had on my wrist. For the past month I’ve been wearing a smart watch, or as WIMM […]