Everything you Need to Know About iPad Ergonomics

iPad Ergonomic

The iPad is an incredibly popular gadget, selling more than 15 million last quarter. It turns out that the millions of iPads in our hands can put a strain on our shoulders, necks and backs — in addition to your wallet. In a recent study by Microsoft and theĀ US Department of Environmental Health, researchers found […]

Griffin Intellicase for iPad Not Quite So Intelligent

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iPad 2 users who like Apple’s Smartcover seem to be in constant search for a replacement for Apple’s magnetized screen cover and there are certainly no shortages of case makers out there willing to oblige. Those looking for a full case solution to cover the entire device have a number of options. But I’ve yet […]

Don’t Toss Those Original iPad Cases Away Just Yet


The SmartCover for the iPad 2 is certainly an attractive accessory and it looks like many folks are picking one up when they order or buy an iPad 2. I know I did. I actually ordered one of the poly versions and one of the leather versions. From the looks of things I’ll have my […]