How to Take a Screenshot on the HTC One M9


The shiny new two-tone aluminum HTC One M9 was announced earlier this month and is finally starting to ship for those who’ve pre-ordered, and will hit most carrier stores in the US starting April 10th. Now that consumers are starting to get their hands on it, we’re getting asked a lot of questions. Here we’ll […]

Most Popular Smartphone Camera on Flickr: iPhone 5

Flickr is one of the most popular image hosting services on the internet, and it’s what many professional and novice photographers use to show off their work. Therefore, Flickr is a decent platform for which you can see what the most popular cameras are that all your favorite photographers are using, and the iPhone absolutely […]

Verizon & Sprint Join AT&T with Double Data Promotions

Verizon Double Data

Carriers have had the tendency to follow each other like a little brother follows around his bigger brother, and Verizon and Sprint are doing exactly that with AT&T’s recent double data promotion. A couple of days ago, AT&T launched a new promotion that would give customers using higher-tier Mobile Share plans almost double the data […]

Amazon Smartphone Release to Hit AT&T First


Amazon is expected to announce its highly-anticipated 3D smartphone tomorrow, and while we don’t know much about the rumored device so far, it’s said that it will arrive on AT&T as an exclusive. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will arrive on AT&T only, but no word as far as whether […]

Cheapest iPhone 5s Plans Compared: Spring 2014 Edition


The iPhone 5s has been out for over six months now, and despite it being Apple’s latest flagship device, you can usually find some good deals on the device itself. However, on top of the subsidized cost of the phone, plus your monthly service charges, owning an iPhone can get pretty expensive, but it doesn’t […]

Why You Shouldn’t Touch Your iPhone in the Morning

Why shouldn't use your iPhone in the morning

Getting ready for work in the morning is something that many people try to streamline so that it doesn’t take as long to get ready (allowing them to sleep in longer or take more time to relax before work). However, a majority of people use their iPhones or Android devices in the morning before work, which might […]

5 Tech Gifts to Give Your Mom for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just right around the corner, and it’s the time of the year where you can show your mom just how much you care about her (although you should be doing that every day). These five tech gifts can show her your love and tell her that you truly care about her relationship […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 Buyer’s Guide (Video)

A 5.1-inch display on the Galaxy S5, a 45-inch display on the Galaxy S4 and a 4.8-inch display on the Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones spans the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and the new Galaxy S5 with many carriers offering the two most recent versions for sale online and in-stores. For shoppers looking to save cash the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 are tempting options, that can help users save a little cash, […]

How to Sell Your Gadgets on eBay Without Getting Ripped Off


We’ve given you some tips in the past about buying gadgets on eBay, but what if you’re selling them? Getting rid of your old gadgets can be dead easy, especially if you use a trade-in program at a store (but we don’t recommend that). To get the most out of selling your old gadgets, posting […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy A Cheap Phone On-Contract

Cheaper phones aren't necessarily the best deal

There you are at the carrier store looking for a new phone to get, since your previous two-year contract is up and you’re ready to sign another to get your discounted phone. A lot of the new devices you see are about $200, but there are a couple that are free! They don’t look as […]

Apple Sells 500 Millionth iPhone, Still Far Behind Samsung


After first launching the iPhone back in 2007, Apple has finally sold its 500 millionth iPhone, according to Forbes, which says that the Cupertino-based company sold an estimated 38 million iPhones for the current quarter that ends in just a few days, which puts the iPhone well over the 500 million mark based on the 472 million […]

iPhone 5s Review: 6 Months with Apple’s Flagship

iPhone 5s review

We’re halfway through a year with Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5s. From getting it on day one until now, the honeymoon effect is ever-so-slightly still there. I’m not as protective of it now as I was on September 20, but I still catch myself treating it with care as if it were brand new, […]

What Is the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s latest and newest smartphone. It was announced and unveiled on February 24, 2014 and it replaces the Galaxy S4 as Samsung’s flagship device. The phone runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box, which is Google’s latest version of its mobile operating system. The Galaxy S5 comes with a […]

New HTC One Teased Again Ahead of March 25 Unveiling

HTC One 4.4.2 Updated

HTC has been recently teasing the release of its “all-new HTC One”, which will be revealed on March 25 at the company’s own unveiling event. HTC has been using Samsung’s recently Galaxy S5 announcement as an opportunity to take some attention away from Samsung’s new flagship. HTC’s latest tease is the improvements that will be […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Hands-On Video


It’s long been rumored, but now it’s finally here. Samsung lifted the cover off of its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. The new device keeps the same overall look and design from the Galaxy S4, except for one major portion: the rear battery cover. Samsung did away with the slimy plastic of the Galaxy […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s


Samsung announced and unveiled the Galaxy S5 as its latest flagship smartphone, rocking a slightly-larger display, faster internals and a better camera. The new device firmly places the ball back in Apple’s court, reiterating that a larger display is the way to go in today’s handset market. Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest […]

Chart Shows Where iPhone Lags Behind the Competition


Smartphones comes in all sizes, even though they all share the similar rectangular shape for the most part, but not all devices are created equal. Perhaps one of the most important features of a smartphone is the display, and many people look for a smartphone that has a decent screen to overall body size ratio. […]

25 Hidden Nexus 5 Features


The past few months have been exciting for Android fans with the release of Google’s flagship Nexus 5 smartphone running Android 4.4 KitKat, and as a result we have plenty of new features and tricks worth sharing. The Nexus 5 is an extremely powerful device all for a great price, making it one of the […]

How to Save Money and Use Less iPhone Data

iPhone data usage

If you’re on the road a lot, chances are that you use up a lot of data, and that could be costing you overage fees if you’re not careful. According to a survey of mobile data consumption in 2013 conducted by JDSU, iPhone 5s users (and iPhone users in general) are using up the most data […]