Microsoft Claims 98% of Phones Were Smoked By Windows Phone

Smoked by Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Smoked By Windows Phone has proven successful for the company’s struggling platform, with Microsoft claiming that 98% of all contests result in a Windows Phone win. The stat comes from a blog post on the Windows Phone Blog from Windows Phone Evangelist Ben Rudolph. According to Rudolph, more than 50,000 smartphone users tried their […]

Microsoft Admits Windows Phone Got Smoked by the Galaxy Nexus

Microsoft is in damage control mode after our friend Sahas Katta from SkatterTech was denied a prize from a Windows Phone Challenge where Katta’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus smoked Microsoft’s platform in a test. Originally, Microsoft denied Katta his award after his Android phone was able to open up the weather in two different cities before […]

Smoked by Windows Phone Drama Arises


Over the weekend, there was a bit of drama that took place at a Microsoft Store in Santa Clara.  Sahas Katta from Scatter Tech headed down with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus to give the “Take the $1,000 Windows Phone Challenge” a go. This is a new challenge that derived from the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge that […]