How to Update Twitter and FaceBook Via Text

How to update Facebook via Text

If you have a smartphone, there is normally an app or mobile website to let you easily update your social network status, but if you can’t get connected to the Internet you may want to be able to send a status update via text. This is handy for many situations, including after an emergency like […]

iMessage Aims Squarely at RIM’s BBM


iMessage is Apple’s new messaging command center that allows iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads to communicate with each other. As the latter two products lack text messaging and picture messaging–SMS and MMS–capabilities, this will allow those devices to send text or feature-rich messages to iPhones and with each other. The service will definitely allow iOS […]

Verizon Warns Emergency Dialer May Not Work on Samsung Fascinate


U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless had sent out a massive text message campaign to users of its Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy S variant for the carrier, warning users that the Android smartphone’s emergency dialer may not work when using a pattern lock screen. According to the carrier, the bug is present for users of the DL09 […]

Google Voice: ‘Just Calling to See if You’re Gay’


I’m a big fan of Google Voice and am generally very pleased with the free service, but its speech to text function is really starting to bother me. When callers leave a voicemail on my Google Voice number, their messages are automatically transcribed and sent to my Gmail account and mobile phones. The other day […]

Google Voice Has a Potty Mouth

I’m a big fan of Google Voice and even gave it a Editor’s Choice award when I reviewed it earlier this year. But the service has been cause for some embarrassment. I recently set up Google Voice for my father and he got a very odd text message. Google Voice generally does a decent job […]

Google Voice Available to all U.S. Residents

Screen shot 2010-06-22 at 1.55.21 PM

Google Voice is now open to anyone with a U.S. phone number. The free service was previously offered as an open viral beta. While the service isn’t perfect, it’s an indispensable tool that makes my mobile lifestyle much easier. If you don’t already have a Google Voice number I highly recommend heading over to The service […]

Google Voice Web App Allows You to Send SMS to Multiple Recipents


What was I saying about competition being a good thing for consumers earlier? Here’s a case where it works on our behalf. According to Lifehacker, Google Voice’s web app now allows you to send an SMS message to multiple recipients. This is a feature that is currently lacking on the iPhone natively. Remember the Google […]

SMS Donations for Haiti Earthquake Relief


The people of Haiti are going through some unimaginable pain and suffering. While many of us are stressing out over missing drivers and poor 3G service, Haitians are doing their best to just survive. If you don’t yet have a sense of the devastation, I suggest watching the AP report in the embedded YouTube player […]

Some History Behind the 160 Character Limit on SMS

This is an interesting read from the LA Times that sheds some light on why SMS or text messaging has a 160 character limit. Here’s a quick excerpt: For one, they found that postcards often contained fewer than 150 characters. Second, they analyzed a set of messages sent through Telex, a then-prevalent telegraphy network for […]