NSA iPhone Snooping Has Reached Full Throttle (Update)

NSA iPhone snooping

Not that it should come as a surprise, but according to more leaked documents, the NSA has the ability to intercept pretty much every form of communication sent from an iPhone. The software that allows the NSA to do such a thing is called DROPOUTJEEP, which can intercept SMS messages, look at your contact list, locate […]

Man Uses Find My Friends to Catch Wife Cheating

Troubled couple

You knew it was going to happen. And you knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. There was going to be some sort of privacy, snooping issue with Apple’s Find My Friends App. Well, a guy bought his wife an iPhone 4S, loaded up Find my Friends and caught her on the […]

Females More Likely to Check Smartphones of Spouses and Kids

Smartphone snooping spouse

These days we keep all types of stuff on our phones, which has raised concerns about the government or hackers snooping on our calls, emails and travel history; but according to a new survey you should be looking at someone much, much closer. Retrevo found that your significant other is quite possibly checking your call history and […]