Apple Greets Windows 7 with New Ad

You knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would happen this quick. Apple has unveiled a new ad, welcoming Windows 7 into the fray in its usual style. Don’t you just want PC Guy to say, so tell me about that Snow Leopard bug that erases all of a user’s data when they […]

The Autumn of OS Upgrades


We might still be a few weeks away from the official first day of fall, but the weather here in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia this week has turned wonderfully autumn like. With the coming of fall this year comes more than just the promise of cooler weather. It also brings the onset of […]

Does Snow Leopard Hint at Apple Touch Devices To Come?


I’ve maintained that since Apple introduced Coverflow into its OS that it was headed towards touch devices. Certainly on the iPhone and iPod Touch Coverflow gives you all sorts of touchy goodness. Then Apple crossed things up and integrated Touch into its trackpad and not on the screen. With the advent of the avalanche of […]

Delaying Upgrades When Under the Gun


Apple fan boys are jumping up and down for what looks like the release of the Snow Leopard edition of Apple’s operating system on August 28. This is coming earlier than most had originally thought. I’ve already placed my pre-order for this, but if it arrives before the weekend I’ll be waiting a bit before […]

What Wasn’t Announced by Apple Today: A Tablet/Netbook


In all the hullabaloo over what was announced today by Apple, there was one prediction (by many, but not by me) that didn’t make the cut. There was no Apple Tablet or Apple Netbook or larger iPhone or whatever it will be. The only surprise about this is that it would have made some logical […]