Will Facebook Be Skype’s Tipping Point for Ubiquitous Mobile Video Calls?


On Wednesday, Facebook announced, along with its integration with Skype for video calls and chat, group chat with archived conversation history saved to your Facebook messages, and the ability to see your friends list for chatting organized based by whom you message most. The highlight of the announcement, however is video chat integration with Skype, […]

Google Gets More Social and Throws a Pool Party, But Who’s Invited?


In addition to Google+, Google seems to be working on more social projects to compete against the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and now it’s discovered that a Slide team within Google is working on a photo sharing app and service called Pool Party. The secretive service, still in beta, isn’t accessible yet without an […]

iMessage Aims Squarely at RIM’s BBM


iMessage is Apple’s new messaging command center that allows iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads to communicate with each other. As the latter two products lack text messaging and picture messaging–SMS and MMS–capabilities, this will allow those devices to send text or feature-rich messages to iPhones and with each other. The service will definitely allow iOS […]

How You Can Keep Up with News Using Mobile Technology


I have to be honest, despite a background in political science–which was the basis of my undergraduate studies–I am horrible at keeping up to date with breaking non-tech news; as a technology blogger, I already have a hard enough time as it is writing about and staying in the loop with gadget releases so even […]

Facebook Deals to Rival Groupon on Discount Shopping


Looking for the latest deals and the hottest in bargain shopping? Look no further than your most beloved (or hated) social network as Facebook may soon launch its own deals service called Facebook Deals to challenge the likes of Groupon, Living Social, and Deals by Citysearch. Where Facebook has a lead is in its user […]

Facebook Live Streaming Kicks Off with DaCast Streaming Service

DaCast Streaming over Facebook

DaCast is announcing live video streaming on Facebook. DaCast is a self streaming service which lets users not only live stream video like Ustream or Justin TV, but also helps users make money doing so. Users who are signed up for the DaCast service can stream their content by providing a link to their DaCast […]

Facebook App for Android Updated for Friend Tagging


Facebook has updated its social networking app for the Android platform, which is now available as a free download or upgrade to version 1.5.3, that brings a number of improvements, new features, and bug fixes. Chief among the features of the new version 1.5.3 is the abulity to tag friends in status updates. Now, you […]

Mobile Twitter App-Maker Planning on Launching Twitter Rival Service


UberMedia, maker of mobile Twitter clients for various platforms, is looking to build its own social network that would directly compete with Twitter as a s microblogging platform. The report, which originated from CNN, cited three people who are familiar with the matter. The UberMedia platform would do away with some of the features–or what […]

Further Hints of Photo Stream Social Feature Found in iOS 5


There are now further hints of a social photo stream feature was found inside iOS 5. An iPhone 4 user had reported that there are reference to Photo Stream photo albums on iOS 4.3 on an iPhone 4, but those references were not visible to users in the Photos app but were revealed by links […]

RIM Lures Third-Party Developers with BBM Integration Into Apps


RIM is luring third-party developers to creating apps for the BlackBerry ecosystem with its emerging Social Platform strategy, which will open up BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, to third-party apps. Unfortunately, though, BBM is still limited to BlackBerry devices and won’t be opened up to other platforms, at least not at this time. RIM is making […]

Nokia’s IdeaProject to Spur App Innovation


In Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Nokia has announced IdeaProject, which is an Internet portal that will help connect entrepreneurs, idea-generators, developers, and other partners to help spur innovation and creativity in the mobile space. The idea behind IdeaProject, like Nokia’s motto, is to connect people. If you’ve got a great […]

Google Circles Social Network Not Yet (or Ever) Launching

Image: www.jasontheodor.com

Despite rumors of a false start for a Google-developed social network called Circles, the Mountain View, California-based search giant is denying that Circles is launching, at least not at the South by Southwest Interactive digital conference in Austin, Texas this week. In an interview with All Things D, Google’s Chris Messina, who’s closely associated with […]

Foursquare Plans to Simplify Check-Ins with NFC

foursquare Foursquare Hacks Now Enables You To Auto Open Our House Doors When You Check In

Foursquare wants to help make it easier for its users to use its check-in services by implementing near field communications, or NFC. As it stands currently, the check-in service on Foursquare requires the active participation of the user by opening an app and selecting or entering their location via GPS readings. With NFC, users can […]

New Apple Social-Centric MobileMe, Digital Locker Expected in Spring


While Apple has long been rumored to be building out a solution to offer customers a digital locker and enhanced social features, including photo streaming, through a new MobileMe and iTunes feature, there is now an anticipated date for when the revamped cloud-based service will launch. At its shareholder meeting during a Q&A session, Apple […]

Facebook Contacts Sync in Violation of Android’s TOS


Google is re-igniting its war with Facebook, but this time the war is fought much closer to home on the Android home front. With the recently deployed Android 2.3 Gingerbread over the air update to rectify some of the Nexus S‘s many problems, Google is removing the Facebook contacts synchronization feature that would allow Android […]

MobileMe to Go Social in Next Major Overhaul


Rumors of a digital locker service for Apple’s MobileMe service has been persistent, but according to Cult of Mac, the online service will get a major overhaul to bring additional social features that will compete against Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook, and Ustream. Some of the features that Cult of Mac is reporting includes: Live video streaming […]

HTC Salsa Spices Up Android with Facebook


In addition to the HTC Cha Cha, HTC will be releasing another Facebook-centric Android phone in the name of the HTC Salsa. Utilizing a more traditional candybar touchscreen form-factor, the Cha Cha dances with a 3.4-unch HVGA display, making it a mid-range or entry-level phone offering, and with the Facebook integration and dedicated Facebook button, […]

Facebook Dances with HTC in Phone: HTC Cha Cha

HTC ChaCha 660x440 HTC ChaCha in the flesh at Mobile World Congress   A Facebook phone for the typing types

Facebook seems to be walking the line of not releasing a self-branded handset, but still wanting to be a pervasive experience that invades your phone. The social network giant is partnering with HTC to release the HTC Cha Cha, which was seen at Mobile World Congress, featuring a front-facing keyboard–similar to the T-Mobile Dash 3G–and […]

No Twitter Phone


Despite the number of phones that are touting integration with, and a focus on, Facebook, rival social networking heavyweight Twitter is ruling out the possibility of a self-branded Twitter phone in an interview at Mobile World Congress. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shot down any notion of a branded Twitter phone, despite admitting that nearly half […]