New Facebook App Arrives with Flipboard-Like News Feed Interface

New Facebook App Paper

Facebook wants to offer a unique experience on mobile, and its traditional News Feed layout just isn’t meeting those standards, apparently. To fix that, the social network has launched Paper, a new Facebook app for iOS that turns your News Feed into a beautiful user interface full of swipe gestures and neat animations that take […]

Twitter Edit Function Reportedly In the Works


Following in the footsteps of Facebook, it’s being reported that Twitter will soon add the ability for users to edit their tweets to some extent. According to The Desk, anonymous Twitter employees say that the edit feature has been a top priority at the company for several months. So what exactly would the edit function look […]

What Social Networks Know About You


Privacy and security are big topics these days. With governments, social networks, and websites all collecting as much data about each of us as they can it is enough to make the ultra-paranoid not look quite so crazy. Data collection on consumers has been going on for quite some time. When I recently moved from […]

Instagram No Longer Supports Twitter Cards


Instagram photos may look strange on the Twitter website, and that’s because Instagram removed its support for Twitter cards according to The New York Times. Twitter cards is what Twitter calls all the information around each individual tweet on the website. Now, when viewing an Instagram photo on the Twitter website, photos either appear off-center […]

New Foursquare App Makes Better Recommendations

New Foursquare

After weeks of teasing, the new Foursquare is now available in the App Store and Google Play. The new app focuses heavily on photos and recommendations. Foursquare users will first notice the new timeline when they launch the app. The new timeline looks fairly similar to the new mobile Facebook and Google+ layouts, and puts […]

Google+ Android App Updated to Match iOS, Lets Users Start Hangouts

Google+ for Android

Recently Google updated the iPhone Google+ app, giving the social network a sleek new design. Today Google finally updated the Android app for Google+, bringing in the same design with a few extra features. According to The Official Google Blog, the big additional feature is the ability to start Hangouts from the app. Users previously […]

Enable Facebook’s Timeline Feature Right Now

Facebook Timeline profile

There’s been intense interest in Facebook’s Timeline profile feature since the social network announced it yesterday. Instead of a profile that just shows the most recent goings on in your life, Timeline will offer up the entire story of your life. The layout is pretty cool and it looks there’s a good balance between presentation […]

Eric Schmidt on Name Changing and Privacy


Google’s honcho, Eric Schmidt, says that in the future young people should be entitled to change their name to avoid having to deal with mistakes or foolishness they may have made in their “cyber past.” He says “I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the […]