How to Install an SSD in a Laptop


Installing a solid-state drive (SSD) in a laptop or desktop computer is one of the best upgrades you can do for your computer. Boot times will improve and applications will load a lot faster than if you were using just a regular hard drive. I recently upgraded my mother’s laptop to an SSD and decided […]

Apple Recalls Some MacBook Air SSDs, Get Yours Replaced


Apple has announced that it’s recalling some MacBook Airs that were bought between June 2012 and June 2013 due to faulty solid-state drives that may be vulnerable to failing at any time, specifically 64GB and 128GB models. Obviously, this is kind of a big deal, since all of your precious is data on that solid-state drive, […]

1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Can Speed Up Macbook Pro or Ultrabook

Samsung 840 EVO SSD 1TB

The Samsung 840 EVO SSD series is the latest collection of SSD drives from Samsung designed to eliminate the hard-drive bottleneck found in many MacBook Pro and Windows 8 systems without asking users to give up storage space. This isn’t the first 1TB SSD drive, but it is one of a few affordable 1TB solid […]

Intel targets tablets with tiny 310 Series SSDs


In a press release yesterday, Intel announced their new 310 Series of Solid-State Drives (SSD), which they claim offer all the performance of their X-25 drives but in 1/8th the size. They’re promoting them as performance boosters for dual-drive notebooks, ideal storage drives for tablets, and unshakable data bunkers in rugged computers.

Deal: 64GB SSD for $99


NewEgg has a 64GB Samsung SSD on sale for just $99, a $50 discount off the normal price. If you’re looking to speed up your mobile system, an SSD is your best bet. The trade off is of course a relatively low capacity, but 64GB is sufficient for a lot of users who don’t need to haul around multimedia […]

Intel Intros New 120GB SSD, Drops Prices on X25’s


Intel added a 120GB SSD to its X25-M drive lineup today. The new drive looks like the sweet spot of the lineup as it comes at just a $50 premium over the 80GB version. Swapping out your spinning hard drive for an SSD can significantly improve your everyday computing experience. Applications launch faster, the system […]

Win a speedy Intel X25-M SSD from


As I mentioned a couple of times during my evaluation of the ARMOR X10gx, its Intel solid state drive is blazingly fast. How fast? Check out the detailed review of the Intel X25-M SSD at and maybe win one to see for yourself.

128GB SSD Shoehorned Into a Dell Mini 9

The Dell Mini 9 comes with either an 8GB or 16GB solid state drive, which are just too tiny for many mobile users. JKK, a Netbook modding guru, managed to jam a 128GB SSD into his Mini 9 and posted a video of the procedure. He calls the hack ‘quite easy,’ but his definition of […]

Samsung Producing 256GB SSDs

On Wednesday, Samsung announced that they have begun producing 256GB solid-state drives, increasing their capacity from their currently available 64GB and 128GB drives. In addition, performance on the new drive has more than doubled. From CNET: The drives combine sequential read rates of 220 megabytes per second, with sequential write rates of 200MBps. "This sharply […]