AT&T Sony Xperia Ion Spotted at FCC


*+-The Sony Xperia Ion, announced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, is now one step closer to launching on AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the U.S. The device is seen as a variant of the flagship Sony Xperia S, but with a larger display and with 4G LTE mobile broadband support. Though the […]

Sony Patent Reveals One Xperia Smartphone Housing Multiple Keypads


*+-A recently unearthed patent filed by Sony in late 2010 reveals that the company had been considering an Xperia smartphone design with multiple slide-out keyboards–similar to the idea of a Swiss Army knife–so that users can slide up the keypads that they don’t need to reveal a keypad that they do like. The versatility of […]

Sony Nypon Rumored to be Named XPERIA P


*+-The previously leaked Sony Nypon smartphone is now speculated to adopt the XPERIA P brand when the phone gets announced, probably at Mobile World Congress in February. The phone was leaked at around the same time that we’ve seen the recent Sony Kumquat leaks, which is now said to be launching as the XPERIA U. […]

Sony XPERIA S to Repel Stain, Charge Quickly


*+-Sony is introducing some new technologies on its XPERIA S flagship smartphone for 2012, including the ability to repel stains and rapidly charge the phone. The former feature is something that manufacturers have experimented with in the past, including HTC with its Teflon coating on the original international GSM variant of the HTC Hero. According […]

Resident Evil Movie Trailer Outs Sony XPERIA Arc HD Smartphone?


*+-Prior to CES 2012, there were speculations that Sony would introduce a successor to its 2011 flagship Android smartphone in the form of the XPERIA Arc HD, but that never came to fruition. Instead, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company introduced a high-end XPERIA S smartphone. So what happened to the Arc HD? […]

Leaked Sony Kumquat May Launch as XPERIA U Android Smartphone


*+-The leaked Sony Kumquat smartphone that we had recently reported on may launch as the Sony XPERIA U smartphone, joining its bigger brothers the Sony XPERIA Ion and the Sony XPERIA S. Still not a lot of information is known about the phone, but Indonesia’s regulatory body, which is the equivalent of the U.S. FCC, […]

Sony XPERIA acro HD is a Waterproof XPERIA S Variant for Japan


*+-In addition to having introduced the XPERIA S (and its 4G LTE cousin the XPERIA Ion for AT&T), Sony is also unveiling the XPERIA acro HD Android smartphone. The acro HD features the same specs as the XPERIA S, but eschews the illuminated strip at the bottom where the Android navigation buttons are placed, and […]

Sony XPERIA S (Video)


*+-In addition to announcing the XPERIA Ion for AT&T, Sony had also shown off the XPERIA S. Both phones share very similar traits, though the XPERIA S has a smaller screen at 4.3-inch with the same 720p HD display as its larger brother. The XPERIA S is a GSM 3G/HSPA phone that will be sold […]

Sony Ericsson Teases Mystery Xperia Smartphone

Mystery Xperia Phone

*+-Just a short time ago, we told you about the detailed but unofficial hands-on that the unannounced Sony Ericsson Nozomi just received. And now, Sony Ericsson itself has just released a teaser photo through its Facebook page that shows off yet another unannounced Xperia phone that may or may not be the Nozomi. In fact, […]

Sony Ericsson Nozomi Photos Leak Out Ahead of Launch

Sony Ericsson Nozomi

*+-Sony Ericsson has been dropping all sorts of teasers ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show which will be kicking off next week and if today’s leak is any indication, it’s likely going to be the  heavily rumored Sony Ericsson Nozomi that will be making its debut in the pretty lights and hot sands of Las […]

Sony Ericsson to Announce ‘Something Big’ at CES

Sony Ericsson

*+-The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner, it starts next week in Las Vegas, and that means that mobile companies are going to be making a number of announcements. Well, one such announcement will be coming from Sony Ericsson, which has teased ‘something big’ for next week which should mean we’ll see […]

Sony Ericsson Reserves Ion Trademark for Nozomi Phone?


*+-Android-maker Sony Ericsson has filed for the XPERIA Ion trademark for what is speculated to be a variant of the company’s codenamed Nozomi smartphone, which boasts high-end specs. The LT28at model is believed to be a variant of the rumored Nozomi phone with a 4.55-inch display with a 1280 X 720-pixel 720p HD resolution screen. The […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Android 4.0 Updates Start in March

Android 4.0

*+-It’s not every day that a manufacturer puts out a release window for major Android updates and that’s why Sony Ericsson’s announcement today is so refreshing. The company had already said which phones would be getting the boost up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and today it has informed those owners as to when […]

Sony Ericsson Invites Advanced XPERIA Users to Test Ice Cream Sandwich


*+-Following Huawei’s move to make available early alpha and beta ROMs of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich available on existing, released handsets, Sony Ericsson is doing the same for many of the company’s Android smartphone under the XPERIA brand. Sony Ericsson is making available Ice Cream Sandwich alpha ROMs–which are supposed to be even less […]

Sony Xperia Play with 4G LTE Headed to Verizon?

Sony Xperia Play

*+-Have you been looking at picking up Verizon’s “PlayStation Phone” aka the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play? If so, you might want to hold off for the time being because it appears that the carrier might have an Xperia Play with 4G LTE in the pipeline. According to this here internal document, training for a 4G […]

Sony Ericsson Nozomi Photos and Specs Leak Out

Sony Ericsson Nozomi

*+-There have been a lot of questions regarding the rumored Sony Ericsson Nozomi. What specs will it have on board? When is it coming out? What will it be called when it’s released? Is it real? It would appear we have a few answers to a couple of those questions as GSMArena has managed to […]

Sony Ericsson’s Nozomi (Arc HD) Spotted in Hong Kong, Coming to CES?


*+-With about a month left to go before the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in January in Las Vegas, the Sony Ericsson Nozomi handset was spotted roaming around Hong Kong. The Nozomi moniker is actually the device’s code name and it is speculated that Sony Ericsson, which will become just Sony soon, will launch the […]