Sony Teases PlayStation 4 Day Before Xbox Reveal


A day before the reveal of the new Xbox, Sony released a teaser for the new PlayStation 4 console, showing an out-of-focus black box with vents. The short 39-second video shows an out-of-focus PlayStation 4 that look more like a square than the rectangular PlayStation 3. As the blurry black box gets closer to the […]

This is the PlayStation 4 UI on TV, Smartphones and Tablets

PlayStation App tablet screenshot

A new collection of screenshots on Kotaku show what the PlayStation 4 interface will look like, as well as what streaming will look like on the PlayStation App. The one image of the PlayStation App on a smartphone shows the streaming interface for the app. In the screenshot the user is watching someone else play […]

Sony Will Make All PlayStation 4 Games Downloadable


Gamers will have the chance to buy all PlayStation 4 games as downloadable titles, though big-budget games will still come on discs. In an interview with The Guardian, Sony’s head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said the company is following the path of the Vita when it comes to PlayStation 4 games. That means all games […]

PlayStation 4 Game Prices Revealed, Fallon Plays Killzone: Shadow Fall

Video thumbnail for youtube video Jimmy Fallon Plays Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PlayStation 4

The newly announced PlayStation 4 made its TV debut last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where the late night talk show host had the chance to play the new Killzone: Shadow Fall on the console. While Fallon demonstrated a game Sony Computer Entertainment America President & CEO Jack Tretton appeared on CNBC and said […]

PlayStation 4 App Turns iPhone and Android Into a Second Screen


A new PlayStation App for iOS and Android will turn smartphones and tablets into second screens for the PlayStation 4 similar to Xbox SmartGlass. Sony briefly mentioned companion apps during its two-hour PlayStation 4 launch event in New York City last night, but later detailed those apps in a press release. The new PlayStation App […]

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 With a Holiday 2013 Release Date

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller

Sony announced the long-awaited PlayStation 4 (PS4) console at an event in New York City today. The PS4 will launch in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season. Unfortunately, Sony failed to announce what the PS4 will cost or show what it will look like. Sony’s PS4 is its first new game console since the […]

PlayStation 4 May Offer Phone and Tablet Control

new PlayStation 4 controller leak

The Sony Playstation 4 will allow users to control the new console with a smartphone or tablet according to a rumor from Kotaku. The gaming site’s source claims an app for smartphones will let users talk to their friends on the PlayStation 4 without turning on their console. Gamers would also have the opportunity to buy […]

How To Watch The Sony PlayStation 4 Announcement

PlayStation symbols

Today in New York City at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT Sony will likely announce the new PlayStation 4 and show off the future of the PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 is the first system in a new generation of consoles that include a new Xbox from Microsoft. Rumors for the PS4 say it will use […]

Sony PlayStation 4 Could Feature Smartphone and Tablet Cross Play

leaked PS4 controller 1

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 may have the ability to play games across multiple devices, including smartphones. Sources talking to The Wall Street Journal claim that gamers with a PlayStation 4 will have the chance to play games against gamers on other devices such as tablets and smartphones. It’s not clear if this feature only […]

Sony Patents EyePad Tablet, Could Bring 3D Controls to PlayStation 4


Sony recently patented a tablet it calls the EyePad that could bring 3D control to the PlayStation 4 according to a report from SlashGear. The patent for the EyePad shows a tablet device with a large touchpad in the center and physical controls on either side of the touch area. The touchpad could act as […]

Sony To Announce PlayStation 4 On February 20

PlayStation symbols

Sony recently announced it will hold an event to show the future of PlayStation on February 20, and according to the Wall Street Journal, the company will launch the PlayStation 4 at the event. The console will then come to stores in the U.S. later this year alongside a new Xbox from Microsoft. Sony itself […]

Sony Teases PlayStation 4 Announcement


A Sony VP recently teased the PlayStation 4 could launch in May, according to Engadget. Sony Electronics VP of Home Entertainment Hiroshi Sakamoto recently told Spanish publication Emol that Sony is getting ready for a big announcement related to the next PlayStation. Sakamoto said the PlayStation team is currently focusing on E3 in June, but […]