Sony Xperia Z1S

Best Waterproof smartphones 2014 - Samsung Galaxy S5

7 Best Waterproof Smartphones for 2014

A waterproof smartphone can mean the difference between wiping a phone off and paying hundreds of dollars for a replacement. There are many waterproof android p...
The Sony Xperia z1s is on the way to T-Mobile.

Sony Xperia Z1s Hands On Video

The Sony Xperia z1s is headed for a T-Mobile release later this month with a waterproof design, a host of excellent camera features and 32GB of storage. At C...
Sony's Xperia Z1S.

Sony Xperia Z1S Splashes Down on T-Mobile

Today at CES 2014, Sony and T-Mobile announced a device that could wind up being the smartphone star of the show. The waterproof, T-Mobile exclusive Sony Xperia...