Sony Yuga Could Launch As Sony Xperia Z


The rumored Sony Yuga could come to market as the Sony Xperia Z, according to Xperia Blog. The rumored Sony Yuga will likely have a 5-inch 1080p display like the recent HTC DROID DNA. When the phone launches as the Xperia Z it could use Sony’s OptiContrast technology in the display. Sony claims the OptiContract technology makes the screen […]

Images for Sony’s Yuga 1080p Phablet Leaked Again


Sony’s next-generation Xperia phablet, the Yuga, is now seeing another round of leaked images being posted online. The device will carry the Xperia branding, which is shown on the back of the device, and the front of the smartphone shows off a nice and large 1080p full HD screen. The images were initially posted over […]

Sony Yuga Phablet Rumored to Have Tablet-Like Power, Storage


Sony’s much rumored Yuga phablet, which is said to be joining the company’s Odin phablet model, is now described to have powerful specs matching and besting some of the popular high-end dedicated tablet models of today and the Yuga will certainly best the best-in-breed phablet devices currently available on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy […]

Sony’s 5-inch Galaxy Note 2 Competitor Leaks


Not to be outdone by its competitors, Sony appears to be developing a high-end smartphone called the Sony Yuga which apparently features not only a quad-core processor but a full HD 1080p display. The leak comes courtesy of German site Android Schweiz, by way of Xperia Blog, and it is comprised of a number of […]