9 Common OS X Yosemite Problems & How to Fix Them

Reset SMC and PRAM and then toggle the sound settings.

*+-The OS X Yosemite release offers a load of new features and even fixed some lingering OS X Mavericks bugs, but there are some OS X Yosemite problems and bugs that users need to know about before upgrading and how to fix them if they already upgraded to OS X 10.10. We’ve heard a number of users […]

How to Turn Off the Galaxy S5 Camera Shutter Sound


*+-There are plenty of excellent features to like about the new Samsung Galaxy S5, and one of those is the impressive 16 megapixel camera located on the back. However, if you don’t like the irritating camera shutter sound, we have you covered. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is chalked full of tons of advanced technology, impressive […]

SRS iWOW Universal Improves the Sound of Smartphones and Tablets

SRS iWOW Universal

*+-Smartphones and tablets are great for listening to music, but the sound quality isn’t always that great. The SRS iWOW wants to help by boosting the sound that comes out of any mobile device. According to The Gadgeteer, the SRS iWOW Universal is a small device that plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack of any […]

Dr. Dre and HTC Partner To Engineer Better Smartphone Sound

HTC Smartphone Beats Audio

*+-HTC announced this morning that upcoming smartphones will feature enhanced audio thanks to technology from Beats by Dr. Dre. This is the same audio tech which we have seen in many HP notebooks and most recently in the HP TouchPad. HTC has invested a reported $300 million in Beats Audio, forming a partnership that will […]

HTC’s Announcement Will be Regarding Beats Integration


*+-Ahead of HTC’s planned announcement today, this Thursday, in Los Angeles, California, it looks like partner Beats by Dr. Dre has went ahead and made the announcement. HTC’s $300 million investment in the audio and sound company will net the Taiwanese smartphone-maker a 51% investment stake in the company, and would give HTC access to […]

Finally a Reason for TV Companion Apps: Shopkick Delivers Deals While You Watch


*+-TV companion watching apps have been around for a while now, especially on the iPad, but for the most part users don’t get anything other than some extra that will be on YouTube the next day. Now, Shopkick will be delivering discounts to your smartphone while you watch TV. The technology is being shared with advertisers at the CW Upfront Awards […]

Apple Targeting Audiophiles with Latest Hire


*+-According to a Twitter message, Apple may have hired Tomlinson Holman, a University of Southern California audio professor and the brains behind sound-house THX. The move would help Apple compete better against other computing and mobile computing brands that have better acoustics integration, like HTC and Nokia smartphones with Dolby sound, Lenovo computers with Dolby […]