Gmail Makes it Easier to Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

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You know that feeling. It’s the one you get when the a notification on your smartphone goes ding and you think it is the important email you’ve been expecting. You pull out your smartphone but no, its just another marketing email from some company that you bought something from some time or the other. It’s […]

How to Stop iMessage Spam on Your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac

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Spam is a sad reality of the digital marketing age, and it can crop up anywhere, even in Apple’s popular iMessage service. And while SMS spam, or junk text messages, is annoying enough, the problem with spam sent on Apple’s messaging service is that it doesn’t even require a telephone number as iMessage is available […]

Free iPad 3 on Facebook? Don’t Get Scammed

Free iPad 3 facebook

On March 7th Apple will announce the iPad 3, a new version of Apple’s best-selling tablet. Apple hasn’t confirmed any details about the new iPad or a release date, but that hasn’t stopped schemers from offering up a free iPad 3 to Facebook users. The Apple event invite, shown below, features what may be the […]

iPhone 5 Tester Text Message is Spam

iPhone 5 Testers Text message

If you received a text message asking you to be a part of the iPhone 5 test program, don’t respond to it or follow any linksĀ containedĀ in it unless you want to get spam until you change your number. Numerous users are reporting text messages from a variety of numbers asking them to join the iPhone […]

Pinterest for Android Pins Spam to Your Notification Bar

Pinterest for Android

Pinterest for Android is a poorly designed app, but worse than lots of crashing, it also brings along spam ads that are known to be full of tricks and potentially scams. In case you aren’t aware, Pinterest is the latest social media craze, providing users with a fun way to pin, or share, their favorite […]

Google Voice Global Spam Filter Ends Unwanted Calls

Google Voice Spam Filter

Are you sick of calls from “Cardholder Services” and other spam phone calls? We’re not talking about the average telemarketer that plays by the rules, but the overnight shops that plague you with false promises and annoys you with robocalls. If you have Google Voice, you can send these calls, texts and voicemail direct to […]

Google Voice Relies on Crowdsourcing to Identify Telemarketers as Spam


Google has added a Global SPAM feature to its Google Voice messaging and phone service that will automatically identify select callers as spam before they even reach you. The newly added feature relies on the collective intelligence of Google Voice users selectively marking appropriate messages as spam as well as Google’s own spam identification tools. […]