How to Answer the iPhone in Speakerphone All the Time

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When answering the iPhone, it is a pain to always have to hold it up to your ear. For those who take advantage of the speakerphone function, you can change the settings so that the default answering method is over the speaker. While using the phone app isn’t what people mainly use their iPhones for anymore, calls […]

SuperTooth Buddy: A Solid and Simple Bluetooth Speakerphone [Review]


Looking for a no frills Bluetooth speakerphone? The SuperTooth Buddy is a great option: simple, reliable and it lasts. I tested one on my recent Southeastern US road trip and the device impressed me. I don’t look for a speakerphone that can do  things like stream music to my car stereo wirelessly, or even via […]

Scosche solVue Solar-powered Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

Scosche solChat

The Scosche solVue solar-powered Bluetooth speakerphone offers hands free calling without the need of the car charger, at least most of the time. We asked the company to let us test one and for the most part were satisfied with a couple of drawbacks. The solVue fastens to your Window or sun visor with one […]