Will Yahoo Give Its Mobile Apps Voice?


In the latest in a series of acquisitions undertaken by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the Internet company had announced that it has acquired natural language processing firm SkyPhrase. The deal could potentially allow Yahoo to deliver its own voice and speech recognition engine into its products in the future, including its mobile apps for iOS […]

Apple Rigs Siri to Declare the iPhone as Best Smartphone


Last week just when CTIA was beginning, users who asked Apple’s personal digital assistant Siri what the best smartphone available is got a surprising result–Siri told them that the best iPhone, based on user reviews, is the Nokia Lumia 900. The data that drives Siri comes from Wolfram Alpha and the result should be unsurprising […]

Nuance Acquires Vlingo to Bring Natural Voice UI to Market


Nuance, which powers Apple’s voice personal assistant feature known as Siri on the iPhone 4S, has announced that it is acquiring rival Vlingo to help it bring its natural user interface powered by voice to the market. Vlingo offers a competitive voice app and competing product to Siri on competing phones right now, including BlackBerry […]

Windows Phone Mango Announces Caller ID Information


It looks like with the forthcoming Mango software update for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is bringing back a beloved feature from its Windows Mobile era. Previously, with the now defunct Windows Mobile platform and the optional Microsoft Voice Command software pack, users can set their phones to not only ring with custom ringtones, but also […]

VoiceActivator Expands Voice Control on iPhone, Requires Jailbreak


A new hack will now enable expanded voice control through Apple’s iOS iPhone Voice Control feature, which will give users better system-wide access of the iPhone through spoken commands. The hack, called VoiceActivator, will augment Voice Control’s capabilities, but does require jailbreaking and is available in the jailbreak app store called Cydia. Voice Control was […]

Google Gets Personal with Android Voice Search


A recent update to Google Voice Search on the company’s Android mobile platform brings some improvements to voice recognition. The update, now available as a free update or download on Android Market, will now allow users who opt in the opportunity for Google to learn their speech patterns, which will help with better voice recognition […]

Dragon Medical 10 update, take a look!

Okay, I get that many of you may not be overly excited by reading about speech recognition. But, there are some of us who think speech recognition is just fascinating. I still derive great pleasure from talking to my computer. I am constantly amazed by the ability for a computer to understand my spoken language […]

Quick Update On Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional

After a few weeks’ worth of use, I must say I am continually impressed by Nuance’s latest offering of voice recognition software. Things have been slow going as I have been completely bogged down with school, but with sporadic use while watching television (with the sound low) and late-night use in bed, the Motion F5 […]

Dragon Medical 10-Week Three

Dragon Medical 10 has surpassed my expectations! I didn’t expect to be writing this first sentence since I am a long-time user of Dragon, going back almost 1 decade. I have historically found that each new version of Dragon has some improvements but not necessarily great improvements. I have developed certain expectations regarding Dragon’s accuracy […]